Tuesday, April 16, 2013

He Said/She Said {Toddler Edition}

She Said:  Jamie, look at these flowers! 
Aren't they beautiful??

He Said:  They are mommy! 
Just like you!

And then I died.
Looks like I've got a smooth talker on my hands!

Monday, April 15, 2013

One line

So you all remember this post??
The one where I talked about how we were supposed to start trying for baby #2 in March, but thanks to unemployment decided to push it back?
Yeah well. 
Easter Sunday after all the festivities were over you could find me at Walgreens buying a pregnancy test and enough 50% off Easter candy to put a small country into diabetic shock.
Nothing like being four days late to send you into a panic.
What is it about a possible surprise pregnancy that leaves you feeling like some unwed highschooler?
As I sat there peeing on a stick I thought.....seriously?!  This isn't happening.
There's no way.
Three minutes later I got my answer.

One glorious line.
Whew.  See.  Not pregnant.
You'd think I'd be relived.  And part of me was.
Part of me was happy dancing in the bathroom.
But that other part of me was disappointed.
I thought maybe a December 2013 baby really was in God's plan for us.
I told myself it would be ok.  It would work out.
Only to see one lousy line.
Of ALL the months to be late, my body had to pick this month??
The month I was hoping to be peeing on a stick but had finally come to terms with the fact that I wouldn't be.
And now here I was, peeing on sticks.
Not cool body.  NOT cool.
It was like the ultimate April Fool's joke....on myself.
Needless to say this past month has been a roller coaster of emotions.
And I'm officially over it!
I'm now on cycle day 44 with no sign of my period and more negative pregnancy tests than a nervous teenager after prom.
Seriously people.  I've tried every brand.  Pink dye.  Blue dye.  In the morning.  In the evening.  I've googled every false negative scenario I can think of.
It's safe to say I'm NOT pregnant.
So what gives?!
I don't think I've ever been so anxious to need a tampon in my life.
My best guess says the 30 day shred knocked my body for a serious loop.
So much for trying to be healthy.
Now somebody pass me a drink!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

A day late and a dollar short.

Make that a week late.
Cause who doesn't love a good holiday recap post.
Especially one that's late to the party.
Oops.  My bad.
I'll make it short and sweet!
We colored eggs!
Thankfully only 8.  Because they're all still sitting in my fridge.
What can I say, we aren't big egg eaters around here.
They sure did look good though!
The bunny brought more swag than Santa.
This was just the basket from mom and dad.
There were THREE others between all the grandparents.
Can you say spoiled?!
The theme of the year was definitely CARS!
If it had Mater or Lightening McQueen on it, he got it.
Oh.  And fruit snacks in his eggs.
HUGE hit!
My dad baked the cutest Easter egg nest cupcakes.
From scratch.
Just call him Betty Crocker!
We may or may not have put the leftover buttercream frosting on our waffles for breakfast.
Let's just say I didn't count points that day! 
 We headed over to the Country Club where Uncle Matt works to meet the Bunny.
Compared to last year where Jamie wouldn't come within 5 miles of him, I'd say it was a huge improvement!
While we waited for the big hunt to start, I managed to get our annual family picture!
Not our best, but believe me, compared to Easter's past.....definitely not our worst!
 Jamie hunted eggs like a pro.  Seriously.  I had to do a double take as I watched him skip through the grass collecting his eggs.  Like he's been doing it for years.  Who is this big kid?!

  We ended the day eating lunch with some family friends.....eating more candy.....hunting more eggs....and running around pantless, cause when you're 2 1/2, apparently anything goes!
Happy {ridiculously belated} Easter!