Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NYC Prep

So I can't deny that I'm a reality tv junkie. Especially in the summer when all my regular shows are on hiatus. Well as an avid Bravo watcher, when I saw the preview for NYC Prep I knew it would be added to my DVR lineup. Who doesn't want to watch a real live Gossip Girl?? I think PC is mastering his inner Chuck Bass as we speak. And I loved how in the very first episode Jessie comments how much she hates Gossip Girl because they film outside her door and it's obnoxious to see their trailers. Aww. Poor baby. Why don't you go down to Bergdorf's and cry on your personal shopper's shoulder. I mean seriously? She said she's had the same style consultant since she was 13. When I was 13 the only style tips I got were from DJ Tanner and Kelly Kapowski. Can you say side pony tail and oversized sweatshirts with leggings? Man I was hot. ;) Oh. And Sebastian, California called....they want their hair back.

Looking forward to a great season of spoiled NYC teens, back stabbing, excessive amounts of money, pulling strings to get ahead and of course parties.....that have more alcohol than ones I go to now.....as an adult.

PS The girl turned down our counter saying she wasn't comfortable going that high. The other guy who came for a second time today said he's not sure he's ready to buy and might just rent instead. Can someone please throw us a freakin' bone already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Offer Update and more doggy love

Well she countered our counter offer but it still wasn't enough. We had offered our absolute bottom. Our people called her people and said our first offer still stands. Take it or leave it. I haven't heard the response yet...so here's to hoping. We have a second showing with the same girl who came through Saturday. Supposedly we're in her top 2. Not giving up hope yet!
Today is my other (fur)baby boy's 6th Birthday! Can you believe it!! It seems like I just brought ole Kasey face home....a little ball of fur scared of his own shadow. I guess he's officially over the hill in dog years at a mature 42. I told him pretty soon he'll be eating dog food for seniors! He didn't think it was very funny. Old grouch! Here's a few pictures to honor the birthday boy. I don't have any puppy ones since that was before my digital camera days and I'm not techy enough to own a scanner. Enjoy!
Kasey on his 1st Birthday. And yes, that is a rawhide "cake" in front of him

Capt Kasey driving the boat

Refusing to believe he doesn't fit in Moose's puppy sized bed

The only time I got him in doggy clothes....Go Bucks!


Kasey & Mom

Hey Mom! I found all these comfy blankets, err coats, on your bed!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Photo Story!

Still haven't heard on our counter offer yet. She only has 18 minutes and counting. I can't take it anymore! So to take my mind of things I'm going to play the photo story game that the lovely Ashley over at the davidsons tagged me on. How fun! My first official tag!

Here are the rules:

* open your first photo folder
* scroll down the 1oth photo
* post that photo and story on your blog
* tag five friends to do the same

Awww. Here's my baby Moose again. Since Kasey doesn't allow me to dress him up, poor Moosey has to pick up the slack. I got this adorable doggy ski vest for $1.99 at Old Navy. How could I pass up that bargain! As you can see he looked so cute in it. I like to think it kept him warm as he jumped through the snow!

Tag you're it:

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Quite Contrary

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another ComFest has come and gone. We heard some great bands, drank some beer, did some serious people watching, saw plenty of boobies and a Comfest first....man junk. Yes. I, Mrs. EyeCanSee, single handedly watched a man in a kilt sit down and expose to the world all that God gave him. Gross. Needless to say I'm hoping that was my first and last peek at another man's stuff.

Per usual we checked out all the shops and were pleased to see my lantern lady and purchased not one, not two, but three more for our collection. Well techincally one is for my parents, but we splurged on two for ourselves. We figured it was our last chance until she mentioned she has a new Etsy site....now I can get my glass lantern fix any time of year! You should check it out, her work is amazing. Wish Art Glass. I also picked up some bargain $7 sunglasses and a few treats for the dogs. Kasey devoured his doggy bagels while Moose has adopted the duck as his baby. Anytime you even go near it, he runs and "hides" it under the bed. We'll see how long it lasts. He's already ripped off the tag and is now going for the hair. What a goof ball.
My Choice

The Hubs Choice

Moose's choice. Don't touch my duck mom

By Sunday night we're usually ready to see the hippies go, but this year was bittersweet. Prior to moving into my condo I honestly had never even heard of ComFest, let alone been to it. When you live right in the heart of it though you really learn to embrace it and look forward to it every year. Once we move it just won't be the same. Even if we happen to be in town we won't have the luxury of using our own bathroom and being able to enjoy the comforts of home in the heat of the day. Looks like next summer we'll have to trade the hippies and hemp for the ribs and blues of Kansas City.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

BIG News!!!

We got an offer on the condo! A really crappy low ball offer that we will be countering for sure...but an offer nonetheless! After 10 months its finally looking postitve. Hopefully these people were just being overzealous and will return back to planet reality when we counter with a more realistic price. Otherwise it will be another lost sale. We also have a showing today...so maybe we will get really lucky and end up in a bidding war for more than the asking price. Hey...a girl can dream can't she??! Cross everything you've got!!

Edit Note: So the offer comes from this girl. You all remember her. The crazy girl from WAY back in April who practically stalked our condo and screwed over our real estate agent and then walked away with no offer. Ugh. I want to sell, but dear god why did it have to be this snatch. Oh well. The counter offer went in today, she has until 5 pm tomorrow to answer. Please please please let her accept!

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's that time of year again!

So once a year the hippie population of Columbus takes over Goodale Park, aka my backyard, for ComFest. It's typically a people watching extravaganza filled with tye-dye and topless woman. Yes you read that correctly topless woman. I will most definitely not be one of them....I leave my girls indoors for only my hubby to see.

Except maybe for that one crazy mardi gras party, but I was in college so I like to think it didn't count. Don't disillusion me.

Anyways, along with the smell of incense, patchouli and pot.....

Yes mother, I know what pot smells like...anyone who's ever been to a concert knows what pot smells like.

....come some great bands, local artists and cute boutiques. Every year for the past 4 years the same lady sets up her tent within plain sight of my living room window. All weekend long I admire her gorgeous stained glass lanterns and dream of the day I will have a porch to hang one on. I always "pick" out my favorite one and make a deal with myself that if it's still there on Sunday I will buy it. Well the Mr. called my bluff knowing I have a huge case of buyers remorse. The first summer we were together he watched ComFest come and go, heard me swoon over and gush over my chosen lantern and then never buy it. So last summer he practically forced me to buy one and on an impulse I got one for my parents as a Christmas gift. They loved it! And my mom has requested another one, which means I might just have to pick one up for me too. Won't my phantom porch look fantastic! So as all the tents go up, I'm keeping my eye for the lantern lady.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog makeover!!

So I'm getting more saavy with my blog designs....and I even impressed myself this time!! Why the change you may ask? Well, after cruisin' through blog world I found my old background and header all over the place! Well who wants to look like everyone else? Not me! So I figured it was time for a change. Hope you all like the new digs!

Ever have one of those days....

Where you're just a GROUCH and don't know why! Ugh I am in a nasty mood today. I'm kind of tired, my back is killing me and my tummy feels all yuck. The Mr. is off today and was out running errands. He stopped by my office to drop something off and I have to say I was a real snatch. I found out he cancelled a showing because the house was a mess. Yeah. Ok. Agreed, we've been slobs. But you aren't working today and the showing wasn't until 6. That just set me off and now we're not speaking. Or I should say I'm not speaking to him, but I'm pretty sure it's mutual. I feel guilty for taking my grouchiness out on him, but not guilty enough to apologize. We NEED to sell the condo. If no one sees it how is that supposed to happen!

Ok vent over. Hoping for a better afternoon.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looky what came!

See what was in my mailbox! That's right, my Missouri dental hygiene license! Now it really feels official! I sent my resume to 5 different pediatric dental offices in hopes I will dazzle them with my skills and they will hire me on the spot! In a perfect world right??

2 weeks from today the Mr. and I will offcially be living apart. Ten hours, four states and one time zone apart to be exact. It's going to be so weird. Since we started dating I don't think we've gone more than a week without seeing each other. And I've never, in my entire life, lived alone. Kasey dog might not been much of a conversationalist those first few years I lived in the condo, but at least he kept me company. Well with both dogs making the trip with "dad" I will really be by myself. Adam keeps joking that without me there will be no one do his laundry and cook for him. Ha.ha.ha. I told him if that's all he needs to survive he should have got a maid not a wife. :) Truth be told, I think he's going to be more lonely than me. I have at least lived sans roomate/family/significant other before...he has not. Plus he will be in a whole new city where he doesn't know a single soul outside my brother. I've already been trying to teach him a crash course in cooking so he doesn't survive on pizza rolls alone. And at least on the weekends he can go bum around the lake with my fam. Though he claims he won't because he will feel guilty having fun while I'm stuck here alone. *insert awww* When I told him I got my license he said..."so does this mean we get to move together??" :( No, But at least it means I have a better chance at employment which will eventually lead to being together again.

I've pretty much given up hope that the condo will ever sell. At least not in this market. The last guy who came through said it was "too feminine." Seriously? He does realize everything goes when we move right? And it's not like I have Laura Ashley and Boyd's Bears all over. Pardon me for not having a swingin' bachelor pad with leather furniture and a bear skin rug. I admit my place has a woman's touch...it is a woman's home afterall...but it is by no means super girly. I did finally take my wedding dress off the bedroom door, that probably would have made the guy spontaneouly combust! I think I better go knudge the St Joseph statue we buried....maybe he fell asleep over the winter and forgot about us. 10 months and counting......

Another GREAT giveaway

Well call me obsessed, but I have another great giveaway to check out. Katherine over at Just Lovely is offereing up a gorgeous framed monogram of your choice. If I ever get a house it would look great in an entry way. Here's to hoping my usual unlucky streak ends and I win me some loot!

Yay for surprises!

So this morning when I left for the day I figured I wouldn't see the hubs till I got home around 6:30. Yuck for late Wednesdays! Anyways....my 12:00 patient cancelled and I knew the Mr. was due for a cleaning and check-up. I sent him a quick text and sure enough he could make it! Woo hoo! And since he was my last patient of the morning we got to have lunch togther too! What a happy addition to an otherwise boring day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer giveaway...plus Tuesday randomness

The lovely Jules over at Chic & Pink is doing a summer giveaway! It's officially my first time participating in one of these and I'm super excited! It might even motivate me to do one myself, so stay tuned. There's tons of cute stuff to be had so be sure to check it out!

***WARNING***the following is a bunch of randomness all crammed into one post

I have this battle wound on my hand that's still healing a month later. It itches like crazy and if I move my hand the wrong way it hurts like hell. I know itching indicates healing...but man I wish it would stop. It's also developing into a really, really FUGLY scar. Ugh. Moral of that story.....never attempt to sit on a slimy sea wall in Hawaii while the waves go crashing by. You will get swept over. You will slice your hand on the wall. You will now have a permanent reminder of your stupidity. Can you say Mederma??

I am strictly a Compact Pearl tampon user. I don't like to switch. I'm not sure what I did before they were invented. They are in my opinion the end all be all of feminine hygiene. Today the Walgreens did not have them. WTF? Not only did I have to buy the non compact version...they only had fresh scent. Ok. Come on. There's nothing fresh about what goes on down there, I don't think a scented tampon is going to do anything but make my purse smell like baby powder. Kthanx Mr. Tampon maker.

Why do parents let their children out in public with dirty faces?? As a child I was constantly subjected to the mom "spit and shine" method of cleaning when nothing else was avaible. Don't send your kids out into the world dirty...it just makes them look homeless.
I'm sick of Jon & Kate. You selfishly chose to parade your brood on TV for all of America to enjoy. Therefore you also chose to have no privacy in your life. Get over yourselves. We don't care about you. We only feel sorry for your children.

I bought a Bumpit today. You know.....like the infomercial hair contraption. Feel free to taunt and stone me. It actually comes in several colors depending on your hair. I never know what to buy. I'm not naturally blonde, but pretty highlighted right now for summer. The light brown one didn't look right though and I don't want it to show. Such a conundrum. I went with blonde. (I'll let you know how it works, I'm giving it a whirl Friday)

Happy Tuesday bloggers!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm a purse-aholic

So it's a well known fact that I loooove purses. As a big foot 5'11 girl who wears few heels due to height insecurites (I'm working on that one and have rocked a few 3" heels lately)...I've never really embraced shoes. Don't get me wrong, I love me some cute shoes, but when you're tall and wear a size 11 it's hard to find and usually just gets me frustrated. So I've developed a purse fetish instead. For my bachelorette hooplah my lovely ladies surprised me with a trip to Chicago. One of the days we were there we went to my mecca....1154 lill studio. It's like Build-a-Bear for grownups. You pick your purse design and then scour through the racks of fabrics to make the perfect bag. I was in heaven. When my completed design finally showed up on my doorstep a few weeks later I was elated. All winter long it was my go to bag...and of all my purses, this was the one I've received the most compliments about. Maybe it's a sign I should go into purse design...haha. Anyways, now that spring has past and summer is upon us I've been pining for a fun new bag. Here's what I've been desiging online.....what do you think??

Brianna Bag: This one has super cute wooden handles AND it's reversible
Choice #1:

Choice #2:
Choice #3Choice #4
Nikki Bag: I like the buckle and smaller size of this one
Choice #1
Choice #2 Grace bag: This one's not for summer, just for going out. It's the style my friend chose in Chicago and I'm always totally jealous when she has it out. So I designed my own. You can't tell, but I made the inside pink...cause who doesn't want a surprise when they open their bag.

Now see, again with the need for a million dollars! When we move to KC and I'm will be within walking distance of this wonderful, wonderful store....I'm gonna be in trouble!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Retail therapy

This weekend I spotted two different girls wearing adorable tunic style dresses and decided I had to have one. After attacking both in the street to ask wear they bought these cute dresses I tracked one down! There was only one left....in my size....and it was on sale. Can you say meant to be! Thank you stranger in the street for being so fashion saavy and taking all the work out of finding an outfit for this wedding we have on Friday. The hubs hates when I talk to strangers in public....and I do it ALL the time. He often pretends not to know me, or rolls his eyes when I'm done. Whatever. I will probably never see these people again. And besides, if someone wants to stop me in the middle of a crosswalk to ask where I bought my cute *insert article of clothing here* I would be more than flattered, not annoyed. And during my slimfast pre-wedding days when the person behind me in the grocery store had oreos and frozen pizzas of course I'm going to ask them if I can go home with them. Duh. They will have much better food. Or if the person ahead of me in the EXPRESS lane has a million items while I hold my pack of gum, I'm totally going to talk about them behind their back with the rest of the real express line people. I can't help it if I'm chatty. I love people. Kill me. =)

Happy Father's Day!!!!!

In honor of Father's day I found a few quotes from kids on why God made dad's. Enjoy!

"I think God created dads so they can fall for your little face. Also, they can buy you anything you want when you say, 'please, daddy.' They always fall for that!" Elizabeth, 9

"God created dads to tell you 'yes' when your mom says 'no.'" Lauren, 10

"If it wasn't for dads, most moms would never go camping and fishing. Moms wouldn't dare go without electricity, bait a hook or touch a dead fish." Adrienne, 10
"God made daddies so that they can help mommies." When mommies have babies, dad can help name them." Mansai, 7

"Without dad who would support the family? Who would go to work, cut the grass and do all the hard work? " Kayla, 12

Some Wedding pictures of me and my dad. He came dress shopping with me the second time when I thought I had narrowed it down to two. Out of no where he comes to the dressing room with this dress to try on. In my head I was thinking, "oh lord, what has he come up with now" but I tried it on. It blew everything else out of the water and immediately became the dress!! Who knew my dad had such good taste. He boasted to everyone the entire night at the wedding that he had chosen my dress. He was such a proud guy! I think he loved that dress almost as much as I did!

Happy Father's Day dad! I love you

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Friday!

I heart Fridays.

I don't have to work....which means I always get 3 days weekends.

:::ducks for anything aimed straight at my head:::

Since the hubs of course is at work, Fridays are always "me" days when I do all the chores and running around he hates which leave sat and sun for us. Today I was up bright and early, too early in my opinion. Why is it on work days I can barely drag myself out of bed but on days off I'm up and ready to go at 7? I didn't mind as much today, I had an early bird shopper coupon at Macy's that I wanted to use for a wedding gift. The said gift was already on sale and now I could save an extra $10....hell ya! Well the old bitty behind the counter so smugly informed me my coupon didn't work on electrics. After pulling out my magnafying glass and reading the HUGE paragraph of fine print...I'm not sure that coupon worked on anything in the store. Grr. Fine. There goes my early bird special. On my way out I passed by the Clinque counter and all of a sudden had a dying urge to buy eyeshadow. I have 3 staple Clinique eye duos that I'm pretty sure I bought in highschool. Weeelllll....with my 10 year reunuion around the corner I figured it's probably time to replace them. It's a wonder I haven't given myself an eye infection! So after my mini makeover with the sales lady I decided on 3 new duos....and an impulse eye concealer/brighter to cover the bags. No kid will be calling me grandma anymore!

I now site here on my comfy couch, laptop on....catching up on the blogs I follow and watching some One Tree Hill reruns. I've just finished my new fave Friday lunch, lemon and almond chicken salad wrap, and am looking forward to a realxing afternoon. Happy friday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

If I had a million dollars

"I would buy you a fur coat, but not a real fur coat cause that's cruel..."

Sorry couldn't resist a quick BNL reference. Where has my favorite band gone by the way?? Last I heard they wrote a kids book....or released a kids album. Come on guys throw your biggest fan a bone here.

Ok back to the real issue. Since we're still living in a shoebox...in the wrong state I might add, I've been dreaming of the house we will one day have. This new house will have more than one bedroom of course which means we defintely need a new set of furniture. I love the one we currently have, but I've had it since high school and it's really better for one person since there's only one dresser and nightstand. So I've decided it will be perfect in the guest bedroom.

As for our soon to be master bedroom, here's what I'm thinking. With our wedding gift cards at C&B I bought this bedding:

And I got these shams from Pottery Barn in Daffodil Yellow

I plan on painting our future walls a light shade of grey....using yellow as the accent, hence the shams. I can't wait! And I'm still in shock I not only got the hubs to agree on this, but he claims he even likes it. Woah!

So here's where the million dollars comes into play. This is my dream bedroom set. Pottery Barns Farmhouse collection. :::wipes drool:::

The gorgeous canopy bed

A dresser for her

A dresser for him

Nightstands for both

Doesn't that sound like the perfect bedroom oasis??? Now if I could only find that money tree out back........