Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm baaaack!

Hello out there in Blogland! The hubs and I are back from DC! It started out a little rough when I woke up Friday morning and realized I had never flown into Baltimore before and had NO clue how to get to DC. Oops! Minor detail overlooked. The OCD planner in me was shocked I was so unprepared! After a frantic day at work, emailing and texting....Best Friend Maria to the rescue! She had taken the train in before and helped figure out the schedule. We were to take the 9:15 train to Union Station and either taxi from there or take the Metro. Easy enough right? Wrong. The 9:15 is the LAST train of the day. Our flight was scheduled to get in to BWI at 9 leaving a mere 15 minutes to deboard the plane, get our bag cause it's too big to carry on, huff it to the train station and pray we make it. Well Southwest had other plans for us, delaying our flight out of Columbus. Now we aren't even leaving until 9:30. Guess we won't be making that train. Fantastic. So I decide to call the hotel in DC and see if they have any suggestions. The woman I spoke too actually says....twice....."Balitmore?? Maam, the trains don't even GO to Baltimore" Ok. Actually they do, but thanks for being OH SO helpful. In the end we sucked it up and paid for the super shuttle. After a nail biting ride with maybe the craziest driver to date.....we did make it to the hotel in one piece.

The rest of the weekend was smooth sailing. Granted with all the rain we got on Friday we literally could have sailed, we still had a great time! Saw some sites, checked out a few museums and caught up with Steph and Fernando Saturday for my bday and their wedding celebration!

Mount Vernon

Washington Monument

Attempting to take at least one picture together. The Lincoln Memorial is back there if you whip out your magnifying glass

Eek! It's my birthday! And what a wonderful morning surprise! Me likes the blue box =)
The Obama's weren't in town so no sighting on the lawn
US Postal Musuem


Domestic Goddess said...

hey! welcome to KC...i just moved here last July!

I've met another blogger here from kc...we'll definitely have to get together for lunch or something when you move!

do you know where you're going to be living?

Rachel said...

I've lived in VA my whole life and made many trips to DC. It's a great place to visit! Glad you had fun :)