Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Offer Update and more doggy love

Well she countered our counter offer but it still wasn't enough. We had offered our absolute bottom. Our people called her people and said our first offer still stands. Take it or leave it. I haven't heard the response yet...so here's to hoping. We have a second showing with the same girl who came through Saturday. Supposedly we're in her top 2. Not giving up hope yet!
Today is my other (fur)baby boy's 6th Birthday! Can you believe it!! It seems like I just brought ole Kasey face home....a little ball of fur scared of his own shadow. I guess he's officially over the hill in dog years at a mature 42. I told him pretty soon he'll be eating dog food for seniors! He didn't think it was very funny. Old grouch! Here's a few pictures to honor the birthday boy. I don't have any puppy ones since that was before my digital camera days and I'm not techy enough to own a scanner. Enjoy!
Kasey on his 1st Birthday. And yes, that is a rawhide "cake" in front of him

Capt Kasey driving the boat

Refusing to believe he doesn't fit in Moose's puppy sized bed

The only time I got him in doggy clothes....Go Bucks!


Kasey & Mom

Hey Mom! I found all these comfy blankets, err coats, on your bed!


Annie said...

happy birthday kasey! ;)
you are an adorable poochie!

Brown Girl said...

He is so cute! Happy Birthday Day Kasey!

Ashley Pizarro said...

How adorable! :) Happy Birthday Kasey! Well, I hope you are loving Charlotte so far. I actually moved here about 8 years ago so, sometimes I am still learning a whole lot!

Lindsey said...

Awww sweet doggie!! Seriously, I want a dog now!

Jules said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you on everything with the condo. Hopefully she will take the first offer or the new girl will make an offer. I wish you the best of luck!

Kasey is so cute! We also have 2 dogs and they are buddies.

Kayla said...

Cute!!! I love small dogs! Mine likes to cuddle on blankets, coats, towels, clean clothes, anything he can bunch up and lay down on! haha

Brunch at Saks said...

Aww your little babies are SO cute! :)