Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer giveaway...plus Tuesday randomness

The lovely Jules over at Chic & Pink is doing a summer giveaway! It's officially my first time participating in one of these and I'm super excited! It might even motivate me to do one myself, so stay tuned. There's tons of cute stuff to be had so be sure to check it out!

***WARNING***the following is a bunch of randomness all crammed into one post

I have this battle wound on my hand that's still healing a month later. It itches like crazy and if I move my hand the wrong way it hurts like hell. I know itching indicates healing...but man I wish it would stop. It's also developing into a really, really FUGLY scar. Ugh. Moral of that story.....never attempt to sit on a slimy sea wall in Hawaii while the waves go crashing by. You will get swept over. You will slice your hand on the wall. You will now have a permanent reminder of your stupidity. Can you say Mederma??

I am strictly a Compact Pearl tampon user. I don't like to switch. I'm not sure what I did before they were invented. They are in my opinion the end all be all of feminine hygiene. Today the Walgreens did not have them. WTF? Not only did I have to buy the non compact version...they only had fresh scent. Ok. Come on. There's nothing fresh about what goes on down there, I don't think a scented tampon is going to do anything but make my purse smell like baby powder. Kthanx Mr. Tampon maker.

Why do parents let their children out in public with dirty faces?? As a child I was constantly subjected to the mom "spit and shine" method of cleaning when nothing else was avaible. Don't send your kids out into the world dirty...it just makes them look homeless.
I'm sick of Jon & Kate. You selfishly chose to parade your brood on TV for all of America to enjoy. Therefore you also chose to have no privacy in your life. Get over yourselves. We don't care about you. We only feel sorry for your children.

I bought a Bumpit today. You know.....like the infomercial hair contraption. Feel free to taunt and stone me. It actually comes in several colors depending on your hair. I never know what to buy. I'm not naturally blonde, but pretty highlighted right now for summer. The light brown one didn't look right though and I don't want it to show. Such a conundrum. I went with blonde. (I'll let you know how it works, I'm giving it a whirl Friday)

Happy Tuesday bloggers!


Lindsey said...

AMEN!!! It had to be said about Jon and Kate - Well said!!!!

Tracy-Girl said...

agreed with Jon & Kate... and I hate! when scars itch!

Brittany said...

I completely agree about Jon & Kate! I so want a bump-it! Please blog about how it does! =.) And OTH - I got my hubs hooked, too. Before the episode was even over, he asked me if it was the season finale, or the series finale. Guess we'll have to see what's gonna happen next...I think it will be weird without Peyton and Lucas.

Your blog is too cute! Have a great week!

Jules said...

Love this random post and thanks for posting about my giveaway!

I'm sorry about the scar and I hope it gets better! What part of Hawaii were you in? We're thinking of planning a trip and are between the islands of Ouahu and Maui.

You tampon comments cracked me up. I'm not a fan of the scented stuff either.

I am so tired of hearing about Jon & Kate. I feel bad for their children.

Everyone seems to be getting a bumpit these days. I think I need to get on the bandwagon!