Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

So this morning at work I had a little boy, 6 or 7, very matter of fact look up at me and say "You look like my grandma." (Now let's completely overlook the fact that this little boy was black and while I am tan....definitely no where near even a light skinned black person.) What?? Grandma? I'm only 28. I'm not even a mom yet. I know he meant well and at his age didn't realize the crushing effect this innocent comment could have on a 20 something girl. Maybe he thinks his grandma is the most beautiful woman in the world and this was a huge compliment. But seriously? I still get carded pretty much all the time and now in some cute little boys eyes...I'm a grandma. Fantastic. Guess I better let the hair down and start primping a bit more for work. Can anyone recommend a good wrinkle cream??? Haha.