Thursday, June 11, 2009

People who hate their children

So after nearly 6 years working in a pediatric office, I've decided some parents really must hate their kids and have decided to punish them for an eternity with these riduclous names. Here's just some of the highlights. Some are spelled stupid, some are cutesy rhyming names for the whole pack and some are just plain crazy. Enjoy!!

Heaven Lee Kness (Heavenlyness)
Germini, Londen & Pariss
Assata & Ramata
Aspen, Kaija, Parks & Haven
Gabriel & Zabriel
Doctor & Lawyer
Harley Davidson
Kam & Kam'Ron
Lewinski (like Monica? seriously?)
Clarimar & Arquimides


Arlynn said...

Well hello, Mrs. Eye! So great to have a fabulous new follower & blogland friend like you : - ) Thanks SO much for visiting & commenting on Fleur De Licious! Can't wait to hear more from you in the future...

p.s. The Hubs & I are always joking aruond about the crazy names we hear/see - if you want to learn some really interesting facts & statistics about baby names you shuold read the book, "Freakonomics." VERY interesting.

cassi rash said...

Your blog is SO cute! Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog! Tell me you're joking with some of those...although, my husband seriously thinks he'd like to name a future child Rowdy. I'm like, seriously?! I've vetoed the name on multiple occasions, but he still loves it!

Domestic Goddess said...

yep...seen those too being a teacher! some parents!

try kalydia...oh man

you're going to be in a great local. our house is about 3 min north of the briarcliff area so about 10 from downtown and i like it. i teach in parkville and the mr's office is in liberty so our location works, but i love the area you're looking in. i wanted to live in prairie village but the mr's commute would of been to long.

good luck finding a job! and we'll definitely meet up for lunch or shopping when you move

Brittany said...

Doctor and Lawyer...hahahaha that is crazy! My mom works at Children's Hospital and gets crazy names too. My favorite is spelled C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E...You would say "chocolate" but it's pronounce [show-show-la-shay].