Monday, June 1, 2009

The age old question

Ok. So I know we've been here before, but today brings about the same ole question. To cut or not to cut. My long hair may be having it's last glorious day today. It's summer and hot and I can't take it one more minute. I've been watching old episodes of One Tree Hill lately and I must say that Peyton's hair in Season 2 was fabulous. I can defintly go that short, it's the bangs I'm not so sure about. I promised myself at the wise age of 14 I would NEVER, repeat NEVER cut bangs again. After a torture filled freshman year of high school plauged with headbands and hair clips I vowed I wouldn't ever go through the process of growing our bangs again. So here I sit, hours before going under the knife....pondering this adorable do. I'll keep ya'll posted on what the outcome is.

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