Sunday, June 21, 2009

Retail therapy

This weekend I spotted two different girls wearing adorable tunic style dresses and decided I had to have one. After attacking both in the street to ask wear they bought these cute dresses I tracked one down! There was only one my size....and it was on sale. Can you say meant to be! Thank you stranger in the street for being so fashion saavy and taking all the work out of finding an outfit for this wedding we have on Friday. The hubs hates when I talk to strangers in public....and I do it ALL the time. He often pretends not to know me, or rolls his eyes when I'm done. Whatever. I will probably never see these people again. And besides, if someone wants to stop me in the middle of a crosswalk to ask where I bought my cute *insert article of clothing here* I would be more than flattered, not annoyed. And during my slimfast pre-wedding days when the person behind me in the grocery store had oreos and frozen pizzas of course I'm going to ask them if I can go home with them. Duh. They will have much better food. Or if the person ahead of me in the EXPRESS lane has a million items while I hold my pack of gum, I'm totally going to talk about them behind their back with the rest of the real express line people. I can't help it if I'm chatty. I love people. Kill me. =)


Jules said...

I feel like I am the same way. Hubby gets so mad when I talk to strangers. He always says, "do you have to talk to everyone". After meeting my dad he knows where I get it from, because he is the same way.

I love that blue dress and I'm glad you were able to track it down!

Arlynn said...

Yay!!! So excited for your new find : - ) You know, that's THE dress, from BR, I finally (after much heart ache) decided on for me & the Hub's 1st wedding anniversary celebration?!?

LOVE it...