Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Friday!

I heart Fridays.

I don't have to work....which means I always get 3 days weekends.

:::ducks for anything aimed straight at my head:::

Since the hubs of course is at work, Fridays are always "me" days when I do all the chores and running around he hates which leave sat and sun for us. Today I was up bright and early, too early in my opinion. Why is it on work days I can barely drag myself out of bed but on days off I'm up and ready to go at 7? I didn't mind as much today, I had an early bird shopper coupon at Macy's that I wanted to use for a wedding gift. The said gift was already on sale and now I could save an extra $10....hell ya! Well the old bitty behind the counter so smugly informed me my coupon didn't work on electrics. After pulling out my magnafying glass and reading the HUGE paragraph of fine print...I'm not sure that coupon worked on anything in the store. Grr. Fine. There goes my early bird special. On my way out I passed by the Clinque counter and all of a sudden had a dying urge to buy eyeshadow. I have 3 staple Clinique eye duos that I'm pretty sure I bought in highschool. Weeelllll....with my 10 year reunuion around the corner I figured it's probably time to replace them. It's a wonder I haven't given myself an eye infection! So after my mini makeover with the sales lady I decided on 3 new duos....and an impulse eye concealer/brighter to cover the bags. No kid will be calling me grandma anymore!

I now site here on my comfy couch, laptop on....catching up on the blogs I follow and watching some One Tree Hill reruns. I've just finished my new fave Friday lunch, lemon and almond chicken salad wrap, and am looking forward to a realxing afternoon. Happy friday!


Jules said...

It sounds like you had a nice and relaxing day and I am better off running errands and shopping alone too. That's great that you're off on Fridays!

The new makeup from Clinique sounds great and I hate all of the fine print that Macy's puts on their coupons.

I hope you have a great weekend!

where'veyoubeen said...

Ohhhh, i love it. I may work a lot of Fridays, but i have random stretches of days off all the time, so I get lots of "me" time.

Today I have been laying out at the pool! I am glad that you get days like that just to enjoy all to yourself!!!! :)