Monday, June 15, 2009

::::Happy Dance::::

Big progress in regards to the move! I passed my Missouri Jurisprudence Exam...with a stellar 86%!!!!

:::Pauses for applause::::

It was open book, dont judge, the questions we pretty far out there and towards the end I stopped caring....all I need was an 80%. SOOOO glad that's all I have to do is wait for that pretty little certificate to show up and I can officially AND legally work as a licensed hygienist in the state of Missouri. HOORAH! I also got an intial interview with an office about a mile from where we will be living! Double Yay!! Maybe the hubs and I won't be seperated for as long as we thought. If this job pans out I can even avoid the never ending process of applying for my Kansas license. Cross those appendages people....since this condo is never going to sell, I need a job ASAP!

P.S. Guilt overrode my desire for mexican and I ended up cooking tonight. I'm glad I did. Homemade burgers and fresh corn on the cob....yum!


Domestic Goddess said...

yah! i'm so happy for you!!

looks like our kansas city happy hour is getting closer!

Jules said...

Congratulations on passing the Exam! That is so exciting. In high school, I totally wanted to be a dental hygienist. How I ended up where I am is beyond I think it was because I heard that even though it was 2-yr. program, it was super intense and that intimidated me. I wish you lots of luck on your interview!

Burgers and corn on the cob sounds delish!

Nikki said...

That's so exciting! You'll be livin it up in the KC before you know it.

d.a.r. said...

Hey! I'm from KC :) I just found your blog, so cute!! Congrats on passing your exam!!