Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Somewhere in the past 28 years I've developed a brown thumb. Shoot. More like a black thumb. I don't know where I went wrong. I blame it on the condos lack of consistent sunshine. I've killed more plants in the 4 years I've lived here, the hubs said he hope I have a better knack with kids. Ha. Ha. Very funny hun! I've managed to keep 2 dogs alive...not to mention you! =)

So after watching one too many hours of HGTV I know the importance of curb appeal. Well I don't have a curb, or a real porch for that matter, so I've attempted to give our place good "front door appeal." Last fall when we put the place on the market I made a small sitting area in the corridor outside with a table for flowers. We've never actually sat there, but buyers don't know that and without a balcony I figure it couldn't hurt to fake one. So the plant I bought last year died once winter came. That one was NOT my fault. (Let's not mention it pretty much died before the first frost cause I forgot to water it. oops) Then this spring at the good ole Giant Eagle I saw gorgeous potted Gerbera Daisies. I painstakingly picked just the right one. It had two shades of pink flowers and several blooms. PERFECT! Well 3 weeks later. It's dead. I watered it. Moved it from one side of the house to the other depending on where the sun was. Talked to it. Picked it's dead leaves. Tilled its soil. And this is what I get as thanks. Another dead plant. Ugh. Screw curb appeal. RIP


Brittany said...

Thought this might make you feel better...I bought Gerbera Daisies for my front pots, along with other flowers. I know nothing about gardening, and really could care less about it. I just think it looks pretty :). Anyways, my dad, being a bright green thumb and having his own small landscaping business on the side, laughed at me and told me Gerbera Daisies do not last very long and are not good "gardening" flowers. Needless to say, they died in a few days. However (there is hope), a few came back (which doesn't happen too often, I guess). So, don't feel too bad because these flowers are difficult. Try a fern...not too pretty, but harder to kill :) Best of luck!

Domestic Goddess said...

ha....don't worry....i killed a whole porch full of flowers when we got a freak spring snow! oh well..they're pretty while they last!

Domestic Goddess said...

my photographer's aunt owns some land in smithville (just north of KC) so we're going to do it in the field in the fall..i think the colors will be great!