Monday, June 15, 2009

Mmmm....chips and salsa

Dear Mr. EyeCanSee,

So I know I promised yesterday I'd start cooking again. I went to the grocery store....bought lots of yummy, delicious and nutritious food to cook. I carried it all up three flights of stairs by myself. I even planned out all the meals so when I came home from work it would be super easy to throw together. But now I really want Mexican. And we don't have anything even resembling mexican food in this house. Can we pretty pretty please with a cherry on top go to La Fogata for dinner and I promise I will cook tomorrow??



Domestic Goddess said...

hahahaha a girl after my own heart!

Jesslee said...

When you move to Kansas City, you must eat at Jose Peppers they have. the best. chips and salsa. Love it!

Anonymous said...

you must must must call me the next time! i still haven't tried that place!!!!!