Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brain Dump

Thanks to fellow blogger Mayra, I discovered that Jeni' in Jeni's ice cream from Columbus, sold outside of the Buckeye state.  You better believe I was on her website searching for local retailers faster than my fingers could type!  Luck would have it, the ONLY place in our fair city just happened to be the market near my dad's house.  And wouldn't you know we were AT my dad's when I found out!  Needless to say after dinner we stopped in to see if the rumors were true.  YES THEY ARE!!  TEN dollars and 1 pint later, I was thoroughly enjoying a taste from back "home."  That little 1/2 cup was worth every stinking WW points it cost me.  So good!!

Speaking of homes of my past.  This weekend we're headed up north to Hometown, NE where I grew up.  My grandma is turning 98!  We're spending the weekend with my 3rd grade bestie and her fam before helping grandma blow out all those candles on Sunday.  Can't wait!

It's pretty apparent from all the shorts and flip flops on Instagram that we aren't the only onex\s getting a heat wave in March.  We are on day number three of 80 degree temps.  80 degrees people!?!  In MARCH!  Every night Jamie and I have been hanging out in the back yard going on the "sing" {swing} and picking up lots AND lots of "ticks" {sticks}.  I love having the windows open, sitting on the patio, and firing up the grill.  Gives me hope summer is on it's way!

Little man's summer wardrobe has started arriving.  It seems the theme of this summer is going to be plaid and polos.  I ordered everything in 18-24 month sizes assuming it would be at least 2 months before he was wearing any of it.  Jokes on me.  Thanks mother nature.  Thank goodness for those adjustable waists!  Mamas got them tweaked as tight at they will go so he can sport his new duds without {literally} losing his shorts!  I wish I had that boys metabolism.  And skinny waist!

I got my first "wow you've lost a lot of weight" compliment yesterday from a co-worker who didn't know I was doing Weight Watchers.  So glad that even in my {not so} figure flattering scrubs someone noticed!  Looks like Jamie's not the only one who's going to be getting a new wardrobe this summer!

Only a few more hours until my weekend begins!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 2012 -- Maybe Baby?

That's the date I've had in my head for awhile.
The month I thought {maybe} we'd start trying for baby #2.
Getting pregnant this spring meant we'd have a winter babe.
 I don't have to suffer through the 3rd Tri in the heat of summer again.
It also put the kids about 2 1/2 years apart.
Sounds good to me.
I remember last year when I put this possibility into my mind.
 How far away it seemed at the time.
How could I possibly wait that long.
I had the fever and I had it bad.
And now here it is.
March 2012.
And the thought of Baby #2 isn't even on our radar.
Funny how things change.
Seeing a lot of women who had babies around the same time as Jamie now pregnant with number 2, I expected the jealousy and baby fever to creep up.
Actually the opposite has happened.
Every time I see a newborn or catch wind of another pregnancy announcement,
my first thought is....oh how exciting....Congrats!
My second thought?
Better you than me.
Yep I said it.
I can't wait to oohhh and awww and snuggle all over YOUR baby...and then when it starts to cry...give it right back.
Every time Jamie has a little sleep regression and we're up constantly throughout the night I'm immediately reminded how NOT ready I am to go through that all over again.
I keep telling all the nosy "when's baby number 2 coming??" askers that until daycare is buy 1 get 1 free, it's not happening.  Or I say when they're willing to foot the bill on the next one.  Usually shuts 'em up pretty fast.
And while that is true. 
Two in daycare is currently financially impossible for us right now, what it really boils down to is we just aren't ready.
Jamie is in the throws of toddlerhood.  He's fun.  He's learning.  He's inquisitive.
But quite frankly he's exhausting.
My 1st Trimester with him consisted of 24/7 "functional" nausea and bedtimes of 7pm.
How the heck would I do that with a wildebeest toddler running around.
And the thought of him AND a needy newborn?
Hold me.
I know lots of people do it all the time.
But for me?  If I get to choose?
I say no thanks.
Maybe next year.
And until then, I'm thankful for the rest of you and all your upcoming newbies to help keep my baby fever at bay!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Move over Martha, there's a new woman in town

Well folks.  I did it.
I actually completed a Pinterest inspired craft and hell did not freeze over.
Third times the charm right??
Way back in September I got bit by the crafting bug.
I went out with my sister-in-law and bought all the things needed to create a fabulous Halloween ribbon wreath.
This is as far as I got.

I had already spent an obscene amount of money.
I thought people crafted because it's cheaper than buying?
Not in my experience!
Then when I went to go buy even MORE ribbon because I had run out, they didn't have any left.  So I admitted defeat and the not even 1/2 finished wreath sat in the basement for the next 6 months.

Last week I got this idea I wanted a nice neutral wreath for our front door.
I already had the wire wreath, so all I needed was some fabric.
Yes fabric, I figured it would be cheaper than ribbon.
Hahaha.  Jokes on me.
But at least I had a coupon, so off to JoAnn's I went.
I bought 3 yards of linen like fabric.
Half was white.  Half was natural.
And then I began cutting.  And cutting.  And cutting.

Then I had this conversation with my husband and cursed myself for trying to craft again.
It's torture people.  TORTURE.
About 1 section in I decided the fabric was too thick, it wasn't working and looked like crap.
I gave up.
{Dramatic much}
Then the hubs of all people, forced me to keep going. 
So I did. 

And 5 nights of work later I actually finished. 

And it's fabulous.  And exactly what I had envisioned!
I'm in love.

But mark my words.....I won't EVER be making another rag wreath again!
{Yeah right}

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He Said/She Said

She Said: Do you remember
the Christmas Ball Wreath?

He Said:  No

She Said:  The one I half finished
then took apart and returned?

He Said:  Oh.  Yeah.

She Said:  Do you remember what I said
as I sat there cursing it and taking it apart?

He Said:  Never let you craft again.

She Said:  Right.  Then why am I
sitting here cutting a million strips of fabric.....

He Said:  I don't mess with you when you get
that crazy look in your eye
and start talking about Pinterest

Taking bets now if this wreath ever actually get finished if it goes down as craft fail #3!
Why oh why do I keep getting sucked into Pinterest crafts??
Happy Wednesday Friends!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I lost a toddler: Project MILF Update

I've been doing Weight Watcher now for 7 weeks.
Time for an update right??
Most days I don't even think about it anymore, it's just become a part of life.
If you looked in my fridge or pantry you'd see a myriad of numbers written on everything.
I find it's easiest to write the points value on things so when I go to grab something there's no questions!
I've been excited over how easy the transition has been so far.
I honestly haven't felt deprived yet.  Or like I have to eat differently than the rest of my family.
For the most part I'm still cooking the same old stuff, except now I actually eat ONE serving size.
It's amazing how much longer a meal lasts us.
I just told my husband, usually when I made a pan of taco meat, we could polish it off in one meal.
We got THREE meals out of it.
How's that for eye opening!
Plus I'm loving having leftovers.  Saves me from cooking every.single.night.
But enough about that, you want to know the numbers.
Welp.  I'm happy to say I'm down just over 20 pounds!
That's a toddler people.
Every time I pick up Jamie, I think about how I had that much extra weight to carry around.
No wonder my back was aching!
The best part is I'm finally starting to notice a difference in my clothes.
Being so tall, I tend to distribute weight EVERYWHERE, so I'm not one of those girls who can drop 5 pounds and immediately tell.  Or drop a pant size.  It can be kind of depressing when you're pro-actively trying to lose.  Everyone wants those immediate results.  But I've had to remind myself, it's a long journey, and it's not going to fall off all at once.  Slow and steady wins the race right??
Here's some progress pictures for you.
I hate to say I didn't take an actual "Before" picture.
So the ones on the left are after my first week when I had lost 6.6 lbs.
The ones on the right were taken this morning.
Not too shabby for 2 months.
I really need to get a measuring tape so I can track inches too.
I obviously won't be able to start from the beginning, but I think it will help to see progress even when the scale isn't budging!
Until then, I'll keep on trucking!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Water Baby

Saturday night the hubs was off working a charity event so Jamie and I went on a little adventure.
I discovered that there's a fabulous indoor pool just minutes from our house.
So as soon as lil man woke up from his nap, I packed a bag and off we went.
I wasn't so sure how this would go.
The last time he'd seen water outside of the bath tub was 6 months ago.
I was praying it wasn't a disaster.
You never know with these toddlers what they're going to like.
Well folks, it appears I have a water baby on my hands!
Best $7.00 I've spent.  Ever.
He was a little timid at first, but before I knew it he was walking until the water was chest high!
No fear this one.
We played, swam, splashed and rode the slide for 2 1/2 hours!
And even then I had to practically tear him away.
Blue lips and all.

 I think he went down that turtle slide 100 times.

Boy had a blast!
And this pool?  Amazing.
It's zero entry.  There's several play water features.  Two slides. And a lazy river.
Plus a giant hot tub, lap pool and basketball hoop for the big kids.
How did I not know this place existed?!
We will definitely be going back!

Hope you all had fantastic weekends!
Happy Monday Friends!