Friday, October 30, 2009

Roses & Thorns

So the wonderful K.Law: Inspired does this every week...and I'm totally stealing it! Thanks love!! Oh, and if you haven't checked out her blog, do not walk, do not pass go, do not collect your $200....go directly here and be prepared for a good time! Happy Halloween!!

  • Roses to my interview today. It went really well! The doctor's wife/front office manager went to the same high school as me, loved my outfit and totally thought we had the same purse. Yeah. Won over the wife. I'm in like Flinn.

  • Roses to Old Navy for my awesome new sweater dress...that was on sale. Holla! I was totally rockin' it today!

  • Roses to How I met your Mother seasons 1 and 2. They're the reason I kept my sanity staying at home all week. Barney is my hero.

  • Roses to Halloween candy. You're soo delicious. Trick or treaters? What trick or treaters. Those kids don't need any more candy anyway.

  • Roses to my hubby who brought me flowers out of the blue. :::smooches:::

  • Roses to adult beverages. Oh sweet, sweet nectar of the gods, I will be enjoying you soon.

  • Roses to Halloween costumes that are just the right amount of slutty. Don't need to be showing off ALL my goods after all.

  • Roses to my heating pad and Advil. You make me a happier person.

  • Thorns to this ugly zit on my chin. You've overstayed your welcome. It's time to go now. Buh Bye.

  • Thorns to aunt flo and her nasty cramps and crazy emotional roller coaster. You've also overstayed your welcome. It's time to go now. Buh Bye.

  • Thorns to not being pregnant yet. Apparently this biological clock overrides all logical thinking. No house. No job. Let's have a baby! sounds good in my head.

  • Thorns to my dog for barking when we're not home and getting us in trouble with the mean lady down the hall. We are now prisoners of our own home.

  • Thorns to wearing knock-off Uggs with no socks. Can you say blisters?? I can. OUCH!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wishful Wednesday: Halloween Costume

So Kelsey over at Seattle Smith's does this super cute thing every Wednesday, but I always forget to participate. In the spirit of Halloween though I could resist!

So this week I wish....I was six years old, going trick or treating as SNOW WHITE!

Snow White is and always has been my favorite Disney Princess with Cinderella being a close second. All my years as a child I never once dressed up like either one for Halloween. What a tragedy. So a few years ago I thought I would go as an adult Snow White and here's what I found. Hmmm. Somehow slutty Snow White just isn't the same, I went as a Black Cat instead. Why do they have to take all the adult women's costumes and ho them up? I'm all for Halloween Mean Girls style, you know, where girls can dress slutty this one day and no other girl can say anything about it, but I like all my lady bits covered thank you very much.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A bump in the road

So the house hunt is going to be put on hold for awhile. How long?? Who knows.

One of our fears when applying for a loan was if the banks were going to be unsure of my current job situation. Working for a sub agency does not guarantee you hours. While I have the paycheck stubs to prove I've been working and bringing home the bacon, nothing is guaranteed. Well our fears became a reality on Friday when our super nice loan guy called and said there's not much he can do with my income with only a 2 month track record.


We were pretty disappointed at first, but had a big suspicion that was going to happen which made it easier to take. So it looks like we will be living at Casa Mom and Dad until I get a permanent job. Luckily I have an interview next Monday and potentially another one this week. So we're keeping our fingers crossed and trying not to give up hope!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Funk

Ever happen to you?? Every day I sit down at my computer and attempt to write a post. Nothing happens. It's like blog writers block. Life has been sort of uneventful I guess....which is ok by me. These last few months have supplied plenty of excitment, so the boring is a nice change of pace.

We DID finally submit all our finance stuff to the bank people, so hopefully we will know soon how much moohlah we're working with. In the mean time I've been online house hunting finding tons of fab houses I know we can't afford. I showed one to hubby last night and he said, "OH I definitely want to see that one!" To which I laughed and said, "It's 50K more than we can afford" He told me to stop being a house tease!

Hoping this funk ends soon!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dinner is served

Cuppy Cakes and wine.....does it get any better??

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!

Step 1. Open post Step 2. Read Blog

So almost 10 months post wedding.....the hubs and I still had some gifts to exchange. Keep in mind ALL of our wedding gifts had been living at my mother in laws house, so it was kind of an outta sight outta mind thing. Lucky for us, Bed Beth and Beyond has maybe the best return policy ever. I'm pretty sure you could take something back 10 years later, totally thrashed, used and abused, but as long as it was on your registry they would gladly return it....with cash back. Ok, maybe that's a little stretch, but you catch my drift on their awesomeness.

One of our favorite gifts, which ironically we bought for ourselves and added to the registry after the wedding to guarantee the registry completion discount (Hey, I know how to work the system, don't judge) was our Keurig Coffee Maker. Who knew a sorta coffee drinker could fall in love with this blessed little machine. It makes coffee, tea, hot cocoa, lattes, mocha's all in one cup servings. In one's amazing. Well a few weeks ago while window shopping, hubby and I realize they have a new upgraded Platinum series with FIVE drink sizes, a bigger water tank, and (wait for it....wait for it.....) an iced beverage setting. Um. I have to have it. I tried to make iced coffee with the old one and it was an utter failure. The sneaky wheels started turning as I remember the generosity of Bed Bath and Beyond. We still had the box and all the packaging of the old one....and I'm pretty sure it's been "acting" up lately and probably needs to be taken back, at which point it would only make sense to get this new sweeter version.

Yes folks, I hang my head in shame (with a big fat smile on my face).....we took back our perfectly good coffee maker, told them it was broken, and left with the brand new Platinum beauty. Don't judge. You know you would have done it too.

So we get it home, and here's the best part of this entire rambling story. Apparently, the makers of Keurig coffee pots think the average American coffee drinker is a complete and utter moron. I open the lid and take out the instruction book so I can set everything up...and here is what I found on the front cover.

(For those who can't read the TINY print I will type it our for you.)


1. Carefully remove enclosed literature
(Well hopefully I wasn't to rough with it, because in order to even read this first step I had to open the box...without ANY instruction. The horror.)

2. Slide Brewer packaging out by pulling on plastic bag.
(I'm a rebel. I pulled it out using the Styrofoam. The world did not end.)

Seriously. Wow. Just wow. Did someone out there mess up box opening so badly they felt it necessary to provide, not one but two steps on how to do it correctly?? I shed a tear for America today.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are you afraid of the dark??

Apparently my husband is.

I'm sure by now you've all heard of that new movie out there.
Paranormal Activity.
It's like a modern day Blair Witch.
The "scariest" movie ever made.
Only a 15K budget.
Blah, blah, blah.

SO basically I have to see it.
I finally convince the hubs he will be seeing it with me.

Cause let's be honest, I have no other options these day.
(Love ya hun, but it's true! We're friendless here in the KC)

Hubs says he'll do it.
After much persuading.
But only during broad daylight.


Yes. He's dead serious.
The man had to sleep with the lights on after seeing the Grudge.

I die.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Guest Blogging!

The hubs and I played house swap this weekend! My parents came to town for my dad's 30 year high school reunion so we went out to the lake. It was a nice relaxing weekend full of wine, homemade chili and apple crisp. Yum!

I'm guest blogging for one of my favorite new blog friends today, Kristin over at Happily Ever After! She's a fellow Kansas City girl who just bought a new home and was busy busy moving this weekend! I know all too well how stressful that process can be so I was more than happy to bore...I mean entertain her readers! Go check it out!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Only 84 more days

Here's where we will be spending our first anniversary. Big Cedar Lodge. I can't wait! Doesn't it look amazing!!
Private cabin on lake Tablerock.....check
Romantic wood burning fireplace.....check
Shower with multiheads....check
Jacuzzi tub for two.....CHECK!

Is it December 31st yet?!?!?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

::::blank stare::::

Do you ever anticipate the way a conversation is going to go and when it doesn't aren't sure how to react?? Take yesterday for example. I'm in the Walgreens, buying some obligatory candy corns...cause it's fall, and they sounded good. Behind the register they keep ALL the cigarettes. Now mind you I've smoked 2, yes 2 cigarettes in my entire life. I have never actually purchased them. I find smoking revolting, it's a wonder I choked down the two that I did. I understand it's a horribly addicting habit, but what I can't figure out is how anyone can smoke long enough to get addicted.

Anyways...moving on.

So the cancer sticks are locked up behind the cashier and I notice the LARGE flashing price signs. $6.99 Huh. That seems pretty pricey, wonder how many smokes that buys a person...I look closer. 2 packs?! Dear god. Don't some people smoke that a day?? What an expensive habit! So I say to the cashier

"Wow. I've never really noticed how expensive cigarettes are, glad I don't smoke..."

:::blank stare::::

(This is where I expected her to answer, "OMG I know! It's a wonder anyone can afford to smoke")

Now I'm feeling stupid. Did she not hear I stutter and mumble something else about how I've never been a smoker and never really paid attention to the prices.

:::more blank staring::::

Finally she answers, kind of offended..."We have the cheapest prices in town, ma'am"

Ok. This is really not going as planned...and she had the nerve to "ma'am" me. Hello awkward moment. So I simply reply,

"Cheap huh? Then I'm REALLY glad I don't smoke"

Grab my bag and walk out, thinking, WTF just happened. I think I just got schooled by the lady at Walgreens.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The art of killing time

Subbing as a dental hygienist isn't as bad as I thought it might be. You're only in any given office for a day or two. You don't get caught up in any office drama. You aren't really expected to do anything other than clean teeth. And if its a total sucky office....chances are you never have to go back!

I've lucked out with mostly good places...everyone is friendly and helpful. The pay can't really be beat and I've been averaging about 3 days a week. No complaints right?!

Well I've discovered one flaw. Patient no shows and cancellations. They happen pretty often which I'm not used old office in Ohio kept me pretty busy. Do you know how hard it is to kill 2 1/2 hours?? Hard. Sometimes you can sneak a little internet time....but you want to appear busy, they are paying you afterall. So here I stand...hiding in a corner....blogging on my cell phone. This is what my life has come to.....mastering the art of wasting time. Honestly...I'd rather be busy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Wrap up

Woot woot! After moving extravaganza 2009 we were ready for some fun. And some beer....lots of beer! Luckily this weekend proved to have plenty of both!! We kicked off the weekend Friday night at the American Royal. The Royal is an International BBQ contest which appropriately happens here in the land of BBQ....Kansas City! I had never been, but it's basically one big par-tay with tons of to die for BBQ (of course) along with private parties, DJ's, BEER, more BBQ, more beer and fireworks...yes I do believe there were fireworks. :) My family's company sponsored two tents so we were able to hop from party to party and had a blast!
Saturday we woke up early to drive on down to Arrowhead Stadium for the Big 12 kickoff where my KState Wildcats took on the Iowa State Cyclones. Neither team is very good, so it actually proved to be a good match up and a great game! In the last seconds, Iowa State scored a TD...all they needed was to kick the extra point and the game would be forced into OT. Our seats were 7 rows up, just caddy corner to the goal posts. We watch the kick go off, then out of no where 3 Kstate players jump higher then I've ever seen before and totally block the kick. Oh.My.God. We just won. Lot's of screaming, jumping and high fiving in total disbelief. We are officially NOT in last place in the Big 12. This season...that may be all we get! Go Wildcats!!!