Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Funk

Ever happen to you?? Every day I sit down at my computer and attempt to write a post. Nothing happens. It's like blog writers block. Life has been sort of uneventful I guess....which is ok by me. These last few months have supplied plenty of excitment, so the boring is a nice change of pace.

We DID finally submit all our finance stuff to the bank people, so hopefully we will know soon how much moohlah we're working with. In the mean time I've been online house hunting finding tons of fab houses I know we can't afford. I showed one to hubby last night and he said, "OH I definitely want to see that one!" To which I laughed and said, "It's 50K more than we can afford" He told me to stop being a house tease!

Hoping this funk ends soon!


bananas. said...

oh yes...the blog funk sucks but we all get it. and as far as your life being uneventful, i doubt it.

that house tease comment is funny. good one mr. eyescansee. i did that a lot when i was house hunting.

anyway, hope you get out of the funk soon!

Lucky in Love said...

Ha! I do the same thing. I started looking at million dollar homes...and then I went back to our price range and was like, "Um, I don't like these as well!" I should stop.

KLaw said...

it'll come back to you. i promise. something random will ignite the creativity.

hope you get it soon!

brooke said...

hahahaha...that is hilarious! i LOVE house is a passion of mine...i'll go to completely random towns and cities and see what homes they have to offer it!!!

and uh.yeah i often find myself in the blog block way...but we still love you lady!!

Jax said...

I definitely have weeks like that.. This one is actually one of them even though I've been blogging quite a bit. Good luck with the house stuff!! :) I look at homes all the time and end up depressing myself with what I can't afford. Well.. I COULD afford it but I'd be living off cheetos. hah!

Kim said...

good luck with the househunt! i'm sure you can find something perfect in your budget!!

Ashley Pizarro said...

Let's toast to the Blog Funk! :)

Tracy-Girl said...

I think we all know the feeling of that blog writers block! And good luck with the house hunt, I know that can be really frustrating and hard! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hope you're able to get a great loan!!! Trust me I've been there recently with the blog block!

Annie said...

house hunting is one of my favorite things to do!! we are in a townhouse right now and can't wait to hopefully some day get a house.
i hope everything works out for you two with the house huntin!! :)

Jules said...

When in doubt, more pictures of cupcakes are always welcome :)
I can't even read blogs daily, much less write them (thus the term WEEKLY Jules). So feel no pressure, when something comes to you, there will be people interested in hearing about it!

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