Friday, August 22, 2014

Bump Day ~ 24 Weeks

How far along? 24 weeks, baby is a cantaloupe! That seems big!

Weight gain/loss: Ignorance is bliss for 3 more weeks.

Maternity Clothes?  I tried to put on a pair of snug fitting workout type pants the other day, the result was laughable.  I think I need to find a fold over style yoga pant from here on out.

Sleep: I've been waking up more at night, tossing and turning a bit more.  I'm hoping it's the heat wave we've had and not pregnancy insomnia kicking in.

Stretch marks: Nothing new, the belly button is getting more shallow though.

Best moment this week: Adam finally felt her move!

Movement: Some days she's a rocking and a rolling.  Some days she's pretty quiet.

Food cravings: Taco Bell.  Random.  I ate it.  I think I'm good now for another few years.

Gender: Sugar and Spice!

Labor Signs: Nope.

What I Miss:  Had a few sips of beer over the weekend.  Contemplated having a glass, figured it was no difference than a glass of wine which lots of women will indulge in occasionally, but decided against it.

What I'm looking forward to:  The old belly rounding out.  I don't know why my babies like to give me this weird flat bump, but it's not really a great look.  I blame the long torso, too much room to spread up, no need to move out.

Weekly Wisdom: Stay off Zulily.  All baby clothes look cute at 5 AM when you can't sleep and one touch ordering is far too easy!

Milestones: Viability day!  So baby officially has a chance of surviving if born at this point.  I vote we let her keep baking.

Big Brother:  Said goodbye to the only daycare/school he's ever known this week.  He couldn't have cared less, he was so excited about starting at his new school to really comprehend what it really meant to leave.  I on the other hand was a blubbering mess.  These women have been my village for almost 4 years, it was bittersweet saying goodbye.


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