Sunday, November 15, 2009

Roses & Thorns...the Sunday edition

  • Roses to my husband. I've been a little up and down lately and he's taken it all in stride.

  • Roses to working 4 days last week! I don't think I could have handled one more week at home!

  • Roses to Sonic and their delicious Java Chillers. I don't care if it's more of a milk shake than a coffee's amazing and totally worth each and every single calorie.

  • Double Roses to the Sonic drive thru girl who gushed all over my wedding rings and told me I married a good one. I tend to agree...he's definitely a keeper. And I still love when people notice my rings...they are pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself!

  • Roses to my favorite radio station calling itself Kansas City's "Thanksgiving" station. No Christmas music until after 11/26. Respect the Turkey!

  • Roses to my jeans fitting better. Two weeks of healthy eating and I already see and feel a difference!

  • Roses to my bestie for sending me half of a giant bag of gum. It's just wasn't Halloween without rotting my teeth out on pure sugary bliss!!

  • Roses to all my blog friends who keep me smiling on a daily basis. Living 700 miles away from all my IRL friends has been hard so it's nice to know you all aren't going anywhere no matter where I live!

  • Thorns to MIZZOU for embarrassing my Wildcats. At home. On senior day. It was a sad, sad day in K-State land.

  • Thorns to normal November weather finally rearing it's ugly head. Good-bye flip flops!

  • Thorns to missing the KC Bloggers lunch! Believe me ladies, I would have had a MUCH better time with all of you then I did watching the massacre that was K-State football.


Kristen said...

wow, a KC blogger lunch! Fill me on that next time! :) Sorry you've been up and down, I know that feeling well. And about the ring, post some pics so that we can gush over it too! :)

Brittany Ann said...

I want a "Thanksgiving" station here! That's an awesome idea!

Jax said...

I totally agree about the "normal" Nov weather returning.. Blah. But, loe all your roses, girly! I also love random compliments (like your sonic interaction) Totally can make your day, right?!

Jax said...

...and from what you've written, etc, I agree with the Sonic girl that you've definitely got a good one. ;)Ya'll are adorable. :)

Kara said...

Congrats to seeing results from your healthy eating! A better fitting pair of jeans is the best feeling in the world sometimes!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm glad to hear you've got a radio station holding on for you for thanksgiving!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I need to get to a Sonic immediately. You know they play commercials here religiously for YEARS...and are just now building one?! Boo.

UMMM but I like how there are way more roses than thorns! That's a good sign!

brooke said...

yeyey to good blogger buddies!!! and what is this sonic chiller that is like a milk shake?!?! i need one immediately...maybe on my way home!!! yes i think maybe!!

and ooohh post a photo of your rings!! i love ogling over gorgeous wedding rings!! i want to see!!

Jules said...

I have never been to a Sonic and want to try that place so bad. I also don’t mind getting a compliment from time to time on my rings. It makes me smile, so I totally know what you mean. I love Christmas music, but I agree and think that it’s a little early for that. Congrats on eating well!! It feels so good when you start to see the results. I think it’s great to have good blog friends too ;)

Sorry the weather is cooling down. I think you sent the warmth this way, because it was in the 60’s all weekend. That is not normal November weather, but I’ll take it!

Anonymous said...

Love the Roses and Thorns each week....glad to see you had more roses. Reminds me of when we journeled after the move to KC. Remeber...I am glad I have FEET!