Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

That right folks....it's back!! After one too many weeks neglecting my kitchen and eating out WAY too much the scale showed me a frightening number I hadn't seen in years! Yikes! So it's time for the EyeCanSee's to kick their eating habits in the butt and I've got a great new recipe to get things rolling. It was sooooo easy and will defintely be making more appearances in our weekly menu lineup. The hubs gave it two thumbs up! Enjoy!!

Taco Soup aka Mexican Chili
1 pound ground beef (I used the leanest I could find)
2 cans beans (I used black)
2 cans Rotel (I used original and it was pretty spicy....try mild or hot depending on how hot you want it)
1 can corn
1 pkt taco seasoning
1 pkt dry ranch seasoning

Brown ground beef. Drain excess fat. Add taco seasoing and cook 2-3 min untill well blended. Add all canned ingredients. Do NOT drain any of the liquid...this is what makes the "soup." Add ranch seasoning. At this point I added some water to make a bit more broth. The thickeness is more of a chili then a soup making it a very hearty meal. Continue to simmer 10 min stirring occasionally.

Top with cheese, tortilla chips or sour cream if you want. Bon Appetite!!!


Annie said...

i have never had or made taco soup! i must and soon, it sounds so yummy and simple to make.

KLaw said...

You are speaking my language

Kelsey712 said...

Taco soup is one of my husband's favorites! We add a can of corn to ours and its wonderful :)

Jules said...

Thank you for posting this, as it sounds delicious! Mexican food is a favorite of mine, so I will definitely have to make this one night soon.

Tracy-Girl said...

oh my gosh, YUM! This sounds so good. I may try and attempt this. Mexican Chili sounds good!

Jax said...

Things I shouldn't have done: read this before lunch. Wow. So hungry and this sounds so freaking amazing... Mmmmm...

brooke said...

mmmm...i think i may try this, this week!!! i can't have the ground beef...so we use ground turkey...but still YUM!!!! cannot wait! i LOVE mexican!!

Emily B said...

Oh my gosh! I have been hearing about Taco Soup like a dozen times in the past week, and I JUST went to the grocery store to go get the ingredients and make it tonight! Although my recipe has a few extra ingredients. I hope it is as good as everyone has been saying! P.S. I am new to your blog =)

ihatemichigan said...

Since you make the yummiest tacos ever I bet this was really good.

bananas. said...

anything with the word "taco" in the name is good in my book. your taco soup sounds amazing!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I was wondering where it had went!

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