Thursday, December 3, 2009

Q&A Part Deux

SG asked what my 3 biggest pet peeves are.

1. People who don't use their turn signals. It's not an optional accessory people...USE IT!

2. People who sing the wrong words to songs or mumble through the parts they don't know. I have a weird knack of picking up and remembering song lyrics pretty easily so this drives me bonkers.

3. This one is kinda new since I've been subbing in different offices all the time. I can't stand when people act aggravated when you ask a question or don't know how to work something. Ummm, hello, I've been here like 5 minutes. Kill me.

Brittany Ann asked if I could only choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life, what would it be and would I share it with my hubby.

This is a tough one since my food cravings come and go, but if I had to pick today..I'd choose Chipotle. I am ashamed proud to admit I ate it two days in a row this week. And since I would be eating it everyday....for the rest of my life, I could probably share a bite or two with the hubs.

Christin asked what my favorite Wedding Day memory was.

Another tough one...there were so many!! But I'm going to have to say the moment I walked down the aisle and say my soon to be husband for the first time. We chose not to do any pictures before hand so this moment was extra special. I had been sequestered in the back room of the church and the nervous butterflies were fluttering. As soon as it was time to go, all of it melted away. I didn't hear the song I so pain stakingly picked. I didn't see all my friends and family. All I saw was my groom. I felt like it was just the two of us. I couldn't stop smiling. It was truly amazing.

ae asked what my dream vacation would be if time and money were of no concern.

Now this one is easy!! Europe! First I'd hit England, Ireland and London. Then I'd cruise the Greek Isles.

Crazy Shenanigans asked what TV show I would want to be on and why.

How I Met your Mother. No question. This has become one of my favorite shows! I want to be friends with all these totally awesome people....even if writers are behind it all.

Rosalyn Kay asked if I could spend $1000 on something only to pamper myself, what would it be?

I've always wanted to go to one of those fancy shmancy spa resorts. A weekend of massages, facials, mud baths and champagne. Sign me up!

Jane asked if I had to live somewhere else, where would it be.

The Florida Keys. Not Key West, but one of the more remote ones. It's all the comforts of the US with a Caribbean "Hey Mon" mentality. I heart the keys.

Thanks everyone for all your great questions!! Hopefully you learned a little something more about me!


ihatemichigan said...

Chipotle huh? I didn't know you've become such a big fan. My sister just started working there, so maybe I can get you some gift cards or something.

Jax said...

I giggled at the "hey mon" thing... Cute, cute girly! And oh how I want to go to Europe so badly!!! And I am SO with you on the song lyric thing.. as funny as that is. I have this bizarre recall of lyrics..and pretty much everything (I say I passed the bar exam on sheer memory, not knowledge)..:) Good post!!

ae said...

i love chipotle...but sadly the closest one to me is in atlanta, 4 hours away:(

bananas. said...

awww man you hate me!

I'M one of those people who always get the lyrics wrong and sometimes mumble through parts and i do it with passion. haha.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I also love's so good!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I've never watched that show but I've heard it's kinda of like an adult Wonder Years.

Brittany Ann said...

Thanks for answering my question!

And never fear. Chipotle is worth a two-fer!

Jules said...

I loved reading this Q&A. It was fun getting to know more about you! I am right there with you on the turn signals thing and I somehow seem to remember song lyrics fairly easy too. I also remember the words to songs that I haven’t heard in years. It’s funny that I can remember stuff like that, but can’t remember to pick up things from the dry cleaners!

Your wedding memory was so sweet! I wish we could have done it where he didn’t see me beforehand. Darn Friday evening weddings ;)

I ALWAYS tell Geof that I wish we were friends with Ted, Lilly, Marshall, Robin and Barney in real life. I’m with you 100% on that one.