Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WTF Wednesday

At least once week, often times more than that.....I see something that quite frankly makes me stop dead in my tracks and say:

Take the parking lot at my job.

Now I've worked there almost 5 months.....walked by this almost everyday, but never really paid attention. Until last week when the only spot open was next to this.

Really?  If the only thing holding up that building is that makeshift scaffolding, I think I'll take my chances and park on the street.
Seriously?  WTF!


I'm Jess said...

OMgoodness! That is hilarious! and very scary at the same time! Def... a WTF moment! Hahaha!

erin.patrice said...

Hehe. Did you end up parking on the street? I totally would have.

Nikki said...

I LOve WTF Wednesday. I need to think of something!

Jen said...

LOL... I don't think I would have parked next to that either!

And I don't think anyone needed to know I rocked neon pink leggings. Oh boy... secrets always come out in blogland!