Thursday, November 3, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things: Mom Edition, Volume 3

Now that we've entered the wonderful world of toddlerhood,
I thought it was time to share a few of our new found favorite things!
And just in case you were wondering, no one paid me to review any of these,
just a few things we've found that help us survive life with a toddler!

We tried a lot of sippy's.  Like practically every brand out there.  This one takes the cake.  I like that it doesn't have handles, but is easy to hold.  Keeps drinks cold and has an attached cap for the spout to ensure no spills when in the diaper bag.  Passes the throw test with flying colors, even on our ceramic tiled floors!  No leaks, no spills!  It doesn't have a built in valve like some of them, so there is one extra piece to deal with, but it's still honestly the easiest one we have to clean.  And the best part?  The spout is hard so it doesn't collapse with every drink as opposed to the ones with a soft, bottle like nipple.  Now I just need to find a good straw cup and I'll be one happy mama!
We got this as a gift from some dear friends for Jamie's Birthday.  It's honestly not anything I would have even considered buying.  We have a stroller so it never seemed like a necessity.  Wrong!  We LOVE this thing!  It's perfect for walks to the park, the pool, or just around the neighborhood.  Jamie loves to sit in it and watch the world go buy.  I can't imagine life without it now!
Not gonna lie, I used to make fun of parents with all those goofy restaurant gadgets....and then I had a kid.  A kid who is apparently a messy eater.  This suction cups right to the table and has what we lovingly call "the trough" to catch all the food that doesn't make it into Jamie's mouth.  AKA, 50% of it.  Between that and the pocket on his bib, we feel pretty confident we aren't "those people."  You know, the ones who leave the restaurant a total mess, food scattered all over the floor.  Plus it rolls right up and fits great in the diaper bag.  Win-win!

When it came time to pick a convertible car seat, I researched it to death.  With a child who was already topping the charts in height I wanted to make sure we got something that would last.  I also wanted something that would allow rear facing for as long as possible since we're hoping to make it to age 2 based on the new AAP recommendations.  Enter the Evenflo.  It's SUPER easy to install with the Surelatch clips.  The shoulder height is automatically adjustable.  No frustrating belts to rethread every time little man grows an inch or two!  It can remain rear facing until 40 pounds and forward facing up to 65.  After that it will convert to a booster and last till Jamie's in highschool 100 pounds so it's literally the ONLY seat we will have to buy for him.  Plus it didn't break the bank like some of the other big name brands out there.  It was car seat love at first sight!

With cloth diapers you can't just use any old diaper cream or it will cause the diapers to no longer absorb.  Pretty big problem to have with a diaper, so we always make sure to have some CD friendly creams on hand.  Luckily Jamie has NEVER had a rash (knock on wood) but I use the BUTTer at night just to keep his heiney nice and baby soft.  It comes in a tub, a tube or a stick.  I've tried all three along with a variety of their many scents.  Our faves are Monkey Farts and Blueberry Crumble.  Seriously this stuff smells good enough to eat.  It's also great on eczema and dry skin and because of the Vitamin E in it we've been using it on Jamie's scar.  After the Mederma was causing it to blister, my doctor recommended something milder like Vitamin E oil.  On a whim I checked the CJ's ingredients and sure enough, there it was!  Vitamin E.  I also saw a review on their website that said after trying many other scar ointments they also tried the BUTTer and it was the only thing that worked!  That was enough proof for me!
After having such great success with their BUTTer I thought I'd try their wool wash.  For those not familiar with using wool with cloth diapers, it's basically a naturally absorbent material that can hold something crazy like 5 times it's weight.  Anyways, we use it at night as a cover over his diapers for a bullet-proof, leaf free solution.  One of the ways to keep your wool fresh and absorbent is a little thing called lanolin.  I love CJs wash because it already has the lanolin in it, making it a super easy, one step process.  And just like their cream it smells amazing!

So there you have it.  Just a few of our favorites.
What are some of yours??


the workaholic momma said...

AH! Love this - I'm hoping to do a post sometime next week on our toddler faves too:) The tiny diner placemat and CJ's butter are new to me and I am def going to look in to trying those out!!!

Thanks so much for sharing...hope you guys are having a great Thursday!!

R said...

I'm not a mom. I'm not going to be a mom any time soon. But I still read this and I lost it when you said your favorite scent is Monkey Farts. Thanks for the laugh on a really crappy day!

Molly B said...

Perfect....thanks for posting this. We are planning on getting the radio flyer for the twins- it seems to be perfect! Thanks for the insiders.... :)

Melissa said...

Love posts like these, especially since Jamie is older than Landon! Bookmarked for later :)

ALin said...

I love that you are a few months ahead of us so you can tell us all of your tried and true's when we get there!

Thanks girl!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I will lone your tips one day as not a mommy, hehe!

Nikki said...

I shoulda had one of those mats long ago. Luckily Harper has learned how to get most of her food in her mouth.

Gwen said...

So I might not need these items but I'm totally sharing them with my sister. :)

dave and jenn said...

Love these recommendations, especially the last ones for cloth diaper users.

Question about Jamie's car seat - we've noticed that Jade's infant seat is already kind of snug (it's a Baby Trend Flex Lock). How long did you have Jamie's first seat before you bought the Evenflo one? I think her length may force us to get a new one sooner than we anticipated....

i'm jess said...

well, if i ever get pregnant I am going to have to read back through all your posts :)

Brittany Ann said...

I use CJ's Butter on everything! We love the stuff. Our fav is oatmeal and honey:)