Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sometimes life just gets in the way

Pardon me while I clear the cobwebs around here.
We've been trying to live life a little more unplugged lately and truth be told,
I haven't missed my little piece of the Interwebs.
Jamie has been SOOO much more enjoyable in the evenings when I actually sit down and play with him instead of trying to cook dinner, attempt to clean, do laundry, check instagram/twitter/facebook, read a blog, watch TV all in the 2 hours we have together before little man goes to bed.
Amazing how much less whining we hear in the evenings now.
Poor guy just wanted a little mommy/daddy attention.

Besides who has time to blog when you have romantic dates to go on...

Lions to see...

98th Birthday's to celebrate...

10% lost key chains and 25 pound markers to earn...
{Grand total now....29 pounds!}

Hunger Games to watch and Marital batteries to recharge...

Decadent brownies to eat...
{Is it bad I celebrated 27 pounds lost with a brownie??}

And 4 wheelers to drive...

I'm learning to let go {of my iPhone} and it feels great!
But sometimes, it's still nice to come back home!


Brown Girl said...

Looks like lots of wonderful stuff has been going on with you all, enjoy it!!

Lindsey said...

Lots of great stuff going on with you, yay! Glad you are back, missed you!

SG to SP said...

I definitely relate to trying to do too much in the few hours you have at night but I've also found Hunter is much less fussy when he's getting attention and playing rather than just sticking him in his swing while we do chores.

Ashley said...

I have missed you!! But, I'm glad you're getting lots of quality time with your men. And congrats on the continued weight loss!! So awesome!

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

I've been taking breaks more on the weekend and the evenings and it reduces that rushed feeling I'm always getting. It's silly almost. Never thought I would have to work on engaging in more "real" conversation around my house. Plus, it's so much more fun to play with Mia than read any blog, tweet, status update. For sure!

Good for you and congrats on the 27 lbs. That's awesome!

Kristen said...

way to go on the weight loss! That's incredible!

Melissa said...

You totally deserve a brownie after losing 27 lbs! Congrats!

OMG how cute is Jamie with his little girlfriend?!

I've found it's much easier to handle L when I am not trying to go on my phone at the same time. He's into everything now, so I really don't have as much time for it unless he's napping now.

Jax said...

Ohmygosh that photo of them holding hands.. LOVE!

I feel ya.. I'm loving disconnecting more these days and I dont even have a family at home really. Sometimes it's just nice to turn off and look around you at all the other things going on. :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, love that photo of him on the four wheeler!!! Glad you've been having fun living life! I think it's great to go unplugged sometimes!

dave and jenn said...

That date picture is seriously cute!

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