Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bowties or Bows? What will it be? Nobody knows!

Tomorrow's the BIG day so I went ahead and compiled a list of all the Old Wives Tales to see where we fall.  So far girl has a pretty big lead!  Get your vote in now!

Is baby's heartbeat above or below 140? Above ~ Girl
Do you crave sweet or salty? Sweet~ Girl
Do you sleep on your right or left? Right ~ Girl
Did you have morning sickness? Yes ~ Girl
Are you moody or happy? Moody ~ Girl
Is your skin clear or breaking out? Clear ~ Boy
Are you carrying high or low? Low ~ Boy
Chinese Calendar ~ Girl
Mayan Calendar ~ Girl
Did you have more headaches? No ~ Boy
Ring test, circular motion or to and fro?  To & Fro ~ Boy

Mama's Intuition ~ Girl
Dad's Intuition ~ Girl
Big Brother ~ Girl