Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good things never happen after 10:00pm

I like to nest after 10:00pm
Not sure why
Maybe because I am forced to pass the nursery on my way to bed and can't take the disaster zone?
Who knows.
But last night at precisely 10:07 you could have found me on the floor of the nursery attempting to attach the infant car seat adaptor bar to our stroller.
After much struggle (the directions were useless) I finally called for help.
The only one who heard me was Moose and the only help he could offer were dog kisses.
Not exactly what I was looking for.
When the hubs finally appeared, I was at my wits end.
He took like one lame attempt and said it was in.
It was not.
I breathed on it too heavy and the thing fell off.
I proceeded to say this stroller was a death trap and no way was I putting my son in it.
So with a little more man strength (and me yelling that he was going to break it) the bar was in...

Now at this point my husband thinks we're done.
Oh no.
I waddle downstairs to get the infant seat to make sure it's right.
I place the seat in the stroller....the Mr. said it looks fine.
Until I showed him it wasn't even locking in place and if he thought our baby was going to ride in this stroller of death he was crazy.
He starts mumbling under his breath that I'm the one who's crazy and why was I doing this at 10:00pm anyways.
We adjusted the stupid bar like 50 times until I deemed it safe for my child.
We attached the extra "seat belt" around it just to be sure and my husband demonstrated it's safeness by thrashing it up and down....side to side.
"See. It's fine."
This actually made me laugh.
But it appeared he was right, the seat and the stroller were all still intact.
I drove it around the house a bit, chasing the dogs, just to be sure.
Mission completed.

It's now pushing 11:00pm.
I decide I NEED to put the batteries in the mobile.
Now the mobile is already attached to the crib so I have to move the crib from the wall to reach the back.
During this process I somehow manage to get myself stuck in a corner
Pregnant bellies do not suck in nor can you squeeze out of tight spots.
My husband finds this hilarious and refuses to help me.
When I finally get myself free, mobile battery box in hand I discover you need a screw driver to get the back off.
And of course not just any screwdriver....but one of those itty bitty ones that no one seems to have.
At this point I pretty much just lose it.

Defeated I lay in bed.
And cry.
Because the baby isn't going to have any music and he's going to have to blow on his own mobile to get it to move.
Because we don't have the glider yet.
Because I still have some laundry to do.
Because the swing is still in the box.
Because the shelf isn't in the closet.
And lastly because we don't have any drapes on the window so any crazy out there will be able to see into the nursery and take my son just like the Lindbergh baby.

The Mr. just kind of stares at me
With a very puzzled look on his face
And at the mere mention of the Lindbergh baby starts to laugh.
At first I scowl at him...until I realize what I'm saying
which snaps me out of my pregnancy crazies...
and makes me laugh too.

Apparently I need to stay out of the nursery past 10:00pm.


d.a.r. said...

Haha oh no!!! Don't worry, baby will be fine even without the mobile. He now has a safe stroller! I would perhaps look into some blinds or curtains, as the light may prevent him from actually being able to nap in there, though...but, how about you look into that in the daylight hours? :)

Hang in there!

Kristen said...

such a funny post! Aren't pregnancy thoughts so fun?! Glad you got the stroller working safely. And d.a.r. is right, the baby will survive without a mobile to start with! You probably won't even use the swing for a little while cause you'll be so content just holding the little guy! And not to worry, we all have the Lindbergh baby fears, well all of us moms do, I think all the dads think we're crazy! lol

KLaw said...

You are too funny! I am the exact same way. Aren't hormones fun? :)

SG to SP said...

I'm sure you'll get everything done in time though I do think it's funny you were trying to do this at 11pm. I'm basically useless after 10pm myself and that's without being pregnant.

ModernMom said...

LOL Oh sweetie! That is nesting in full blown action. Your hormones are taking control. It will be alright!

Nikki said...

You're too funny! I can just see you and Adam now bickering over that stroller. Who knew such an awesome stroller would have such a lame car seat bar. Don't worry about not getting everything done. All Jamie needs is love and that takes to preparation. He won't even look at the mobile for a couple of months.

Kristen said...

So, remember the days when you'd say nothing good happens after 1am or 2am (whenever bar close was in your area), now it's 10pm, ahh..the life of a responsible adult!

Hang in there baby will be here soon, but you'll get everything done, and if you don't, you have time before he'll be able to really enjoy his mobile anywyas!

Emily @ Longley's in San Diego said...

Oh man sounds like an interesting night!

Brittany Ann said...

I have the same night-time issue, no matter how tired I was prior. I have to force myself to bed, otherwise I'll go "fixing/working on things" all night!

Brittany said...

I laughed out loud when you said that the poor little boy is going to have to blow on the mobile to get it working! It will call come together. No worries. You're almost there!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I laughed so hard when you said the crazies will be able to see in! lol

Hope tonight went better than the previous!

Lucky in Love said...

Oh dear. I can see myself being like this for sure. The other day I freaked out because I couldn't button a shirt I wanted to wear over my enormous boobs...and then I got deodorant on the other shirt I decided to wear. I almost CRIED! Stupid hormones.