Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is that a baby in your crotch or are you just happy to see me?

When I say I'm carrying "low" I feel that's an understatement. If I could say I'm carrying this baby in my crotch, it would be more accurate. Hello baby....your mama has a really LONG torso, why don't you take advantage of that and stretch out a bit. Thanks.

Body hugging sweater dresses on normal women. Cute. Body hugging sweater dresses on an obvious pregnant lady. Cute. Body hugging sweater dresses on a semi pregnant lady who just looks fat. Not cute. Le sigh.

Naming a pretend baby for fun. Easy. Naming a real baby for the rest of it's life. Hard. Our current front runners

Girl: Brooke Elizabeth EyeCanSee (I think it's cute her initials would be "BEE")
Boy: James {Jamie} David EyeCanSee (David for my maiden name)

My whole life I always said I didn't want to know the sex of the baby. Finding out in the delivery room is one of lifes last big surprises. My husband does not agree. Usually he's not the, "I put my foot down" kinda guy....but with this he will not waver. Not one bit. He claims we have to know to plan. Well we've already bought the bedding and the furniture...pretty much planned the whole non-existent nursery. We've decided all major baby items (car seat, stroller, etc) we will go gender neutral so future children can use too. So what exactly are we planning for?? Other than clothes. I'm at a loss on how to win this battle. Pretty sure we will be finding out at the 20 week ultrasound. Perhaps my negotiating skills will be better with the next one.

Professional maternity photos, casts of your belly and 3D/4D ultrasounds freak me out. I will not be doing any of them.

I really want a boy first. Most of my life I said I wanted 3 boys and 1 girl. I don't think I could handle raising more than one of me. Not gonna lie, I was kind of a brat. My fear is that if I find out it's a girl, my first reaction will be disappointment. And that makes me a horrible mom.

I can feel the baby move already. Call it bullshit if you want. I know they say most first timers don't feel anything until 16-18 weeks. Bollux. I've never felt this sensation before. Ever. Not one other time in my 28 1/2 years of life have a I felt a fluttering in my uterus. It's not gas. It's not my stomach. It's the baby. And it's amazing.


Molly said...

Woohoo for feeling the baby already! It's amazing ;)

I carry so low too. In fact, I have never once been kicked in the ribs like everyone else complains about. My boys prefer my nether regions. Getting kicked in the bladder and crotch all day long is not fun but a means to a very good end ;)

It's okay to want a boy. I wanted boys. They're oh so special!

Jules said...

I love reading your baby posts, because you’re brutally honest! I did hear that once the baby starts to move that it is more of a flutter feeling. I cannot imagine what that must be like. I hope the baby does decide to stretch out for you.

As for the finding out the sex battle, I don’t know what to say. I’m like Mr. EyesCanSee in that I would want to know, but I get your side too with the one last big surprise. Since you’re getting gender neutral baby stuff…it could help out your side of the argument ;)

J.D. & Lis said...

Ahhh!! I'm so excited you can already feel him/her moving!! That is just so exciting. I'm waiting - hopefully my feelings will be here soon. Especially since I sometimes "forget" I'm pregnant!

We're doing neutral big things as well, for the next baby. Plus I think a lot of them just look better. Have y'all picked out a stroller/car seat/ etc. type stuff yet? I'm still in research mode - so many options!! It's overwhelming to me sometimes!

p.s. Thank you for my sweet comment and I was referring to my hair one of the posts from over a week ago - the one with about 4 inches of dark roots. I had just gotten my hair done in the pic from this week. I'm not going crazy... well.. yet!

Brittany Ann said...

So exciting that you can feel movement already! How awesome!

Gwen said...

Girl...feeling disappointed by the sex doesn't make you a bad mom. For my entire pregnancy I thought I was having a boy. When I had my 20 week ultrasound and he said she was a "she" I cried. I had prepared myself for a boy and was shocked. It's okay to have strange emotions. You are pregnant!!!

And can I just say that I love the name Brooke Elizabeth and I love it even more that the initials are BEE!!! You could totally run with it for later in life. LOL!!!

Mrs. M said...

Hope you can keep working on Mr. E-I want to be surprised (someday) too, I think it would be the most amazing surprise in the whole world.

Hailey {HRH} said...

omg that sounds like us! i have always said i never want to find out - but matt is a planner and MUST know! so we are going to have a sex party instead. that way i get my surprise and he has time to plan! its a win win really! have a great day!

KLaw said...

You're feeling it? I'm so jealous. I feel like i'm so far off from that. Even though we're only a week apart.

katie + bret said...

Movement!! Woo hoo!! That is super exciting love!!

(the 3D pictures kind of freak me out too, not going to lie)

erin.patrice said...

Yay! i'm so glad i'm not the only other seemingly insane person who doesn't want to know the sex of their baby (not that i'm prego or anything)

Chardonnay said...

I LOVE that a baby boy would have your maiden name as a middle name!! That's so special :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's awesome that you can already fel the baby moving. I hope you get the little boy you're wanting!

Annie said...

cute names!! bee, i love it.
i'm a total planner and have to know everything i will have to know the sex of my baby when the time comes.
hope you had a great weekend hun! :)

SG said...

My fiance is a big fan of the name Brooke and my middle name is Elizabeth :) Both names are great! I definitely plan to find out the sex...I have no patience! haha

Hilary Lane said...

I love your names, especially the boy names. It's hard to find names that I don't associate with people, but Jamie is one of them.

I've recently decided that I want our first child to be a boy (like I have that choice, right?). Last night I had a dream I was pregnant with girl twins. I woke up & had this disappointed feeling because they were girls!! (Yes, I realize I am a dork.) I'll probably be worried about having the same reaction when we do decide to have a baby!

brooke said...

just like every baby and child and person is different so is every pregnancy!!! so if you say you feel that wee one i believe you!

i am hoping for a third and i am trying to convince myself that it would be fantastic to wait until the day of the birth to find out...like the ultimate magic nursery baby (member those?!?)...but ugh...i just don't know if i have your willpower!

Lindsey said...

I'm loving the baby posts! So amazing that you can feel the baby now!

Stephanie said...

I'd want to know the sex too, I'm too OCD to know find out until the last minute :)

And, as far as finding out it's a girl...one, if you think you may freak out, better to do it now and get use to the concept before delivery day. And second, it DOES NOT make you a bad mom. One of my friends has 3 little girls and was pregnant with their 4th and last, obviously, hoping for a little boy. They found out, it was a girl. She cried, she was depressed, she was really upset, but she, her hubby and their friends helped them deal and understand it was all part of God's plan. You're going to love the baby, boy or girl, so if you find out its a girl and get upset - no big deal. I swear :) And if people tell you it is a big deal - they're big fat liars!

I want boys, boys, boys! I, like you, am scared to death of having a girl. I was not easy and do not look forward to having a mini me especially from the age of 14 - 22!

skinnybitching said...

they say low means girl.. and girls are fun! haha

and james david is my boy name! i mean, i know i'm not having a baby, but when i do, and if it's a boy, that will be his name. so, that has my vote for your baby too! :)

bananas. said...

Aww the last part is cute. And no you wouldn't be a bad mama for being disappointed at having a girl...you'd be an honest mama. Girls are brats! Thats just my opinion. I know i was.

ihatemichigan said...

I totally know what you mean about feeling the baby. It is it's own unique feeling. If second time moms can feel it early, then why can't first time moms?

d.a.r. said...

Cute names!!!!

Brittany said...

I love the name Brooke and I think BEE would be cute initials!

Mrs. Sarcasm said...

I am currently pregnant with our third girl and was a tad disappointed. I felt horribly guilty but you know what, who cares what others think. I will love her with all my heart no matter what. Most people are just afraid to be that honest. Love your blog!!!

Brown Girl said...

yes it is official, you are funnier now that you are pregnant. Or you are expressing your funniness better...can funniness be a new word?

So cool that you are feeling your baby boy kick, that's awesome sauce.

Jax said...

I dont think it makes you horrible for wanting a boy first silly! :) When they tell you, you'll be overjoyed....even if it takes you a couple days and some little pink dress shopping to ramp up the excitement. :) Everyone has a plan for what they want first.. and if they say they dont, they're lying! haha! (I want a boy first too).

I'm sure you look fab in sweater dresses, girlie! Just rub your belly all the time so people know you're preggo.. haha! My girl friend said she did that in her gym class b/c people kept looking at her funny when she kept gaining weight! :)

I couldnt imagine how amazing it must feel to feel your little guy or gal! :) that made me smile. :)

Molly said...

P.S. I just nominated you for a bloggy award. Hope you enjoy ;)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I love both of those names! Can wait to hear what the final decison is!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Hilarious post!

I have a question to ask you -- can you email me at newlywedsnextdoor@gmail.com

Nikki said...

I never had any interest in the maternity photos or the blelly cast, but got the 3D/4D pics with both my kids and LOVED it. I still cherish those pics and the videos.

As for the baby's sex...I have a lot of respect for those who can wait, but I could not. For me it wasn't even the planning part, it would have just drove me crazy not to know. I dont regret finding out, because while it may not have been a surprise, giving birth and seeing your baby for the first time is still the biggest thrill! Good luck!

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