Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So Brunettes have just as much fun...right?

Every so often I get this urge to dye my hair back to it's natural color. I think that's brown. Verdicts still out. For the past 3 years it's been blonde highlighted. The hubs is more of a blonde guy, so when the dark itch hits me, I just shove it under the rug. Well I'm sick of looking at these roots, but it's reminded me how much I actually like my real hair color. I'm sick of spending beaucoup bucks higlighting all the time and with baby on the way I want something low maintenence and way cheaper.

So I'm thinking of taking the plunge.

I'll probably only last through the spring/early summer before adding a few hightlights again. What can I say...I'm a blonde at heart. I was a toe head as a kid afterall.

Here's this summer after I chopped off the locks and went pretty highlighted

I don't have any pictures of the last time I went dark...they're all in storage. But here's what I'm thinking.

Brown to be Wild

Or Foxy Brown

So what do you think. Go brown or stay blonde?


Lindsey said...

Do it!! We do have more fun!=)

Anonymous said...

I recently went darker and I LOVE it! I now realize I didn't look good as a blonde! I say try it!

Gwen said...

A few years ago I dyed my hair almost black for Halloween. Long story short I couldn't find a wig that worked. I let it fade back out to my natural color and haven't touched it since. It will be so much easier to maintain once Baby Eyecansee arrives but either way I think you look fabulous!!! XOXO

Hailey {HRH} said...

im a HUGE fan of dark hair. and i def think that natural hair color just looks great on everyone. i mean its your natural for a reason right :)

ae said...

us brunettes do have more fun!!!

bananas. said...

Brunettes are HOT! Just ask my boyfriend :)

I'm digging both colors but I say go with thee second one if you really want to shock people.

SG said...

You should do it! I highlighted my hair all through high school and most of college and finally went back to my "natural" color. Now I use a box to color it at home dark brown every couple months. Much cheaper and I think it looks better.

Patience said...

I went back to dark brown from blonde and I love it.

Molly said...

Hmmm, I don't know. I had a very bad experience with going brunette for the first time this past summer. It just didn't "take" in my hair and my husband, who is also a blonde fan, lovingly said, "I didn't sign up for a brunette!" Whatev. So here I am growing out my hair and waiting another month to go back to my blonde look.

I'm all for taking a risk though so I say do it. Especially if you don't plan on spending a ton of dough on the dye.

Jules said...

I know what you mean about highlights. Keeping up with the maintenance of it all is so expensive. This post is also another reminder for me that I must get into to the salon ASAP.

I think it will look nice if you go brown and maybe it would be good to stick with the lighter shade (brown to be wild). Take pics if you take the plunge!

Annie said...

right! much more fun! ;)
i went dark and i won't ever go back!! :)

meredith said...

okay, okay so i MAY be a little bias, but i say totally go for it!! brunette's are HOT!!

i would start off simple with a light, light brown - that way it isn't toooo drastic and then, as you get use to it, go darker gradually.

Jane said...

I tried my blonde locks into brown about a year ago and while i miss the blonde my hair is so much healthier, not to mention cheaper to maintain!

Lynsey Kaye said...

I am having this same debate with myself. I have gone dark (or lightish brown which is my natural) a few times, but I always end up back to blonde.
My husband prefers me to have blonde hair as well. So that always figures into the equation.
But the maintenance is so much less when I am a brunette.
Decisions, decisions.

Mrs. G said...

Brunettes are the bee's knees if I do say so msyelf. I am loving the foxy brown!

Lis said...

Ahhh such a hard decision!! I went back to dark brown in September and I have been fighting the urge to highlight for weeks now! I say go for it! You'll at least like it for a few weeks and then you an always go get highlights if you want a change!!! ;)

katie + bret said...

DO IT! Changing your hair color is so much fun!! No matter what color you choose you are going to be smokin' hott!

Kristin said...

My friend alternates between blonde and brown according to the season and she looks fabulous both ways. I say go for it if you feel the itch!!

Jen said...

I think you'd look great as a brunette... probably a lighter brown, so it's an easier transition from the blonde.

Go for it! It will be so much easier to eventually ditch the highlights!

Kara said...

I stopped highlighting about two years ago and went back to my natural burnette color and I love it! I found that I have some pretty natural highlights that I had been hiding for years!

Good luck with your decision!

d.a.r. said...

Oooh go the darker shade, so pretty! {um not that I am biased or anything hahah!}

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I was really blonde as a kid but as I started getting older it went dark. Then in college I went back blonde and have been ever since. The maintenance sucks! I say, if you want to go brown...do it! You can always change it back.

Jax said...

GO for it! That's coming from a blonde who has NO idea what her natural color is either.. haha! I REALLY want to go for the foxy brown color myself so I say if you're gonna do it, go big or go home! It looks like a gorgeous color.. actually they both do. :) If you dont like brown to be wild, it would be easy to have some blonde added in and you'd be happy with it though. That'd prolly be harder with foxy brown. I dunno.. but I DO know I think you should do it! If you have the urge now, it will only get stronger! Satisfy it while it's still wintery so you can be a blondie by summer again if you want! :) XOXO!

Anonymous said...

You're right...mom will NEVER be convinced. My thoughts, once a blonde, always a blonde....even if it's only in your head and not on it! I say go less drastic and see what you think. Some natural highlights may come out in the summer months....maintenance is a pain and $$$$. Your natural color is also very vibrant, unlike mine...mousey "dirty blonde"/ "dull brown"......Can't wait to see your choice. XOXOX

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