Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buried alive

This is the post where I whine....a lot.
You've been forewarned.

I feel like I've been buried by boxes.


It's to the point where I just trip over walk by them now and pray that someone else will unpack them.

Probably not going to happen.

We made good progress over the weekend. The kitchen is 99% done, I've even managed to cook a few meals AND we're using our new wedding dishes. FINALLY! I love them. They are as gorgeous as the day we picked them out.....2 years ago.

Since the weekend however, the progress has been pretty nonexistent.

I had all these goals of unpacking every night this week so by the weekend...when we get cable and Internet back we could sit back and enjoy it.

Well....that sure looked good on paper. In reality...not so much.

After working full days, coming home, cooking/eating some dinner, it's pushing 9pm and the thought of opening yet another box of crap I have no idea what to do with is enough to just make me want to kill myself. Or move back to my parents house where things are put away and clean.

The main problem is you never have as much space as you remember BEFORE you moved in. It's hard to put things away when every time you open a box you stare at it and think, "I have no freaking idea where I'm even going to put this." Sigh. Rifle through it for minute. Give up. Move on to next box. Open and repeat.

That walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Yeah, not so spacious. We've already used the entire spare bedroom closet for our extra hanging clothes. And let me tell you people, we don't have THAT many clothes. At least I never thought so....we didn't even come close to filling the Taj Mahal closet we'd been spoiled with at my parents place. Shoes. We won't even go there. I have no clue what we're going to do with shoes...they're currently all over the floor. The bathroom storage also poses a few issues. No linen closet and one small single vanity sink. Can't use the regular closet as spill over storage since we've already covered how much extra space there is in there. We did manage to put together an over the toitey cabinet for all our that's helped some. How is it that we seemed to have more closet/storage space in an 800 sq ft condo than we do in this entire HUGE house??

My head hurts. I really need a game plan. Or some explosives to just get rid of all it.
Do you suppose my Homeowners Insurance covers crazy pregnant fits of rage??


Allison @ I heart Change said...

I dare you to call your homeowner's insurance and ask about pregnancy rage.

This is okay. This is fixable. I lived in the worlds smallest house (literally - everything was 3 inches smaller then it should have been. I don't know how they did that.) Print yourself some bed bath and beyond coupons from the website and go shopping. Get over the door storage for shoes. Then try on all your shoes and see which look fabulous and get rid of any that need a new home.

Also buy over the toilet storage. We have a metal thing that goes over the toilet. It's a requirement in a small bathroom. Unpack three of everything and stick the rest in boxes. Make your husband put the boxes in the attic. If he doesn't want to do it go pregnancy crazy on him and he will obey. Frustrating but fixable!

nicole said...

Hang in there, we're moving too and it's so frustrating. Where did we get all this STUFF????

Tiffany said...

Ugh, I haaaaaate moving!! Good luck to you... sounds like you need to enlist the help of a few friends by promising them dinner & drinks! ;-)

Stephanie said...

Always seems to be the way right?! We still have boxes in our garage that haven't been unpacked for a year now. My theory is if we haven't missed it for a year, ditch it. My hubby though is a pack rat, I tell him one day he'll be featured on TLC's Buried Alive (hoarding show). Allison has FABULOUS suggestions - over the door shoe storage is a must. As is the over the toilet rack. Throw some hooks on the back of the bathroom door too for robes/towels as well.

And seriously, if it doesn't fit (didn't fit before little Jamie) or hasn't been used just get rid of it. :)

ae said...

I feel your pain! I hate moving and unpacking. Just try to take it one box at a time.

brooke said...

unpacking is the WORST!!!! especially when you have a weirdo of a husband like mine who every time we've ever moved had ALL the boxes unpacked the first day...he's insane don't ask...haha...

seriously though no closets = perfect excuse to find cute armoires to fill with pretty linens!!

Ashley said...

Unpacking totally stinks! I couldn't agree more with you. It's just nice to hear someone else that doesn't like it as much as me! :) Don't worry it will all get done in time.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I felt the same way when it came to boxes that I didn't have room to unpack them. They sat in my basement forever and then I finally got some storage sets to help maximize the space.

smile steady said...

So I just found your blog and had to give a virtual high five to my fellow dental hygienist! I'll make sure to stop by again soon!

ALin said...

MOVING IS THE WORSTTTTT!!! It took us a good two or three months to finally get everything out of boxes (or hidden away, which we're now paying for as everything extra we put in the "nursery", which we now need). You poor thing! Whine away! I feel for you!

I'm Molly said...

Hmmmm, did you do a big purge before you packed all your stuff?

Living in a very small house has MADE us purge just about every other month! It feels so good. If you open a box and see something you have not used/seen for 6 months or more put it in your car and take it to Goodwill. It will make you feel soooo much better.

I used to love to see the 100 pairs of shoes sitting there for my taking but the truth is, I rarely wore any of them. So eventually, I got the balls to give them up in order to get more organized.

You'll get there, hon. Moving is a mighty bitch, I tell you!

Gwen said...

Every time I have moved I question where everything came from. And I think that if your homeowners doesn't cover pregnancy you might need to get an additional policy. :) XOXO