Friday, November 19, 2010

i'z givin you mah stink eye

Anyone who has their Christmas decorations up already.  It's November people.  Respect the Turkey!

My neighbor who has had a random set of red and green tube lights outlining his lawn.....since September.  Nothing else.  If you're going to go against my cardinal rule of pre-Thanksgiving Christmas least put some effort into it.

The girl who used her credit card to make a 70 cent purchase.  She then went on to say how ridiculous someone else was for doing the same thing for only a 25 cent purchase.  Really?  Should you be judging?

The fully capable women with nothing in her hands who used the handicap button to open the door.  Seriously?  How much effort does it take to open the door yourself cause now you just look stupid standing there waiting for it to open in suuupper sloooow motion.

The inventor of baby socks.  Why even bother.  They NEVER stay on.  Would it be considered child abuse if I taped them to my sons feet?

The seedy salesman at CarMax.  So you want me to spend $4000 to fix the transmission in order for you to give me $2000 more for my trade in?  Right.  Cause that makes good sense.  I think I will just stick with the original lame ass offer you gave me and NOT put myself in the hole $2000 on a car I'm selling to you.  Thank you and good day sir.

The idiot who wasn't wearing a coat today.  It's 30 degrees people, stop living in denial that winter is here and put on a freaking coat.  Oh wait.  That idiot was me.


Stephanie said...

I heart you! But I would be going against your cardinal rule if I had any say, the hubs is anti it, but he has a lot of lights and decorations to put up next weekend then! And ugh to CarMax. We were there last weekend for a good hour having them give us an estimate on my Xterra. They totally lowballed it so now its being sold by owner for much more than they would offer!

And put on a coat! You'll catch cold ;)

Lacey said...

I didn't wear a coat EITHER! I have this rule that if the sun is out then I don't need a coat. It's blonde logic. It bites me in the ass come January! :) Happy Friday.

Kristen said...

ugh that idiot was me this morning too.... only I was out at the stables taking care of horses.... my dang hands were soo cold!

I always used Old Navy infant socks, they worked sooo much better than others and actually stayed on the kids feet!

SG to SP said...

I agree about respecting the Turkey! I refuse to put up xmas decorations before Thanksgiving. The only thing I will do is start buying presents early otherwise my bank account will yell at me.

Molly said...

I totally agree on respecting the turkey! The holidays last long enough. Why in the world does it have to be 2 months long? I'm not a scrooge. I just don't want to be sick of Christmas before it even gets here!

Molly said...
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Jordan said...

You're always cracking me up! I agree with you on pre-Thanksgiving Christmas and I think you could totally tape Jamie's socks on.. maybe some of that double-sided fashion tape?! LOL!

Mama Dew said...

I REFUSE to wear any winter coats solely based on the fact that NONE of mine fit. I also REFUSE to buy a new one in a bigger size. the old ones WILL FIT!!!! so I'm freezing with ya!

Sandra said...

Hey wait, I used to tape the socks to my babies' feet...was that wrong?

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ok, don't hate me but I have a tree up! I couldn't help it! In my defense all of my other decorations aren't out yet. I thought it would help the turkey look more glowing in photos lol

Annie said...

sorry, i'm one of those people....i put my tree up before thanksgiving this year! :/ it was my first year doing it and i'm so glad i did, i get to enjoy my christmas decor an extra week and i love my christmas trees :)
i hope you are having a relaxing weekend hun! have a good thanksgiving!!

Lucky in Love said...

I so hate when people use those handicapped buttons when they don't have to! Er. Really irritates me!

ModernMom said...

LOL You would so fit in up here! I saw someone driving yesterday with their top down!! It was just a few degrees above freezing. Denial at it's finest. Oh and my Thanksgiving is long over so it's ok that I put my lights up yesterday right?

Lindsey said...

Hahaha I know you're right, but we are guilty of putting our decorations up already. Here is my excuse - we bought our tree the day after Christmas last year at a great deal and so I was dying to put it up!:)

Domestic Goddess said...

girl! you are a hoot!!! hope you have a good week!! so sad you'll miss our friday shindig!!! :)

Gwen said...

You will be happy to know that while I may be finished with my Christmas shopping I have not put out a single decoration yet. It will happen Thursday morning but only because I have nothing to do before our feast at my sister's house. But I won't turn the lights on until that night...I promise! Have a safe and fun trip! We'll miss you this weekend. XOXO

dave and jenn said...

THANK YOU for acknowledging that Christmas decorations SHOULD NOT be put up before Thanksgiving. That is a pet peeve of mine also. We have neighbors who have had their trees up for weeks now. Weeks! I don't get it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jules said...

Ha! I can definitely relate on the coat part. That was me all weekend. Time to start wearing one whether I like it or not. I also hate all of the holiday decorating before Thanksgiving. I like to enjoy each holiday before being reminded of the next one.

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