Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So What Wednesday

So What.....
  • If every time I sing Feliz Navidad I like to pretend I can actually speak Spanish.  My husband begs to differ.
  • If the last time I got my hair done....I was still pregnant.  Roots are 'in' right?
  • If I get a little irked when Jamie fills his pants for me as soon as we get home from daycare.  He was there for 9ish hours....he couldn't have done it on their watch?
  • If I can't put Jamie in anything that says "grandma" on it.  I feel bad for my mother in law, she's his grandma too after all, but I'm guessing she will understand
  • If sometimes (like last night) the only reason I'm making Chicken Stir fry is because I really just want the little eggrolls
  • If I actually screamed a little when the cafe by my work started serving Starbucks Eggnog lattes
  • If I haven't balanced my checkbook in months.  I have a general idea how much is in there, that's good enough right?
  • If some mornings I put Jamie in his exersaucer and turn on cartoons so I can take a shower.  Surely those 15-20 minutes of TV time aren't going to rot his brain
  • If my husband calls me to tell me he's driving himself to the hospital because he cut his finger open on a broken bottle...and the first thing I said was "OMG.....don't get any blood in the new car!"
  • If I haven't bought a single Christmas present yet.  That's what Christmas Eve is for....duh
  • If I polished off a bag of Christmas candy while reading this months issue of Shape.  What?  They cancel each other out in my hips don't agree.


Ashley Paige said...

Happy Wednesday, Momma. If it's any consolation, I refuse to put Carter in any "Grandma" wear because that's what my mother-in-law calls herself and I just refuse. I'm SURE your mother-in-law understands, unless she's the devil incarnate, like mine. Oops. (Gosh, I wish I could blog about her sometimes...) And the cartoon-brain-rotting-ness? Um, hi. Have we met? I thank GOD for Mickey's clubhouse every single day of my life. I just relish in those 58 minutes of two-handed bliss. I drink my coffee and for ONCE, I don't have to hold the baby. It makes us better moms, for sure!

Marcy XOXO said...

I LOVE THESE! LOLL You are hilarious and it sounds like we have a lot in common!

Laura said...

I'm not sure how old your son is...just found your blog, but mines just 9wks and already loves the TV. I say So what! I love that I get a few minutes to do my thing (his attention span is not too long yet).

Gwen said...

Um...I love mini egg rolls and I would have totally screamed for Egg Nog Lattes. Which my addiction to is totally your fault. :) XOXO

Annie said...

ha! i love reading these!!
all the food has me hungry chicken stir fry, mini egg rolls, bags of candy! ;)
i hope you are having a good week hun!

Brittany Ann said...

Don't worry. I always snack while reading fitness mags. And, when I used to watch the Biggest Loser, I eat dinner and dessert.


Kristen said...

you are too funny, I love these so what Wednesdays! Hope you are doing ok...Jamie is just the cutest! And sounds like my kids, never failed they'd fill their pants up as soon as we'd walk in the door from spending the entire day at the sitters! lol

Mama Dew said...

Umm I will just say that KP LOVES TV and Dora helps me cook dinner, shower, and just do things for me, like BLOG!

Brittany said...

I don't see anything wrong with any of those...especially the eating candy part!

Nikki said...

I know how you love your egg nog lattes. I'm partial to the pepermint mochas myself.

Jules said...

You are so funny and your humor definitely comes through in your writing. I think I might have said the same thing to Geof if he were bleeding in a new car. I’m also right there with you on the hair. I haven’t done a thing to it since August. That is no bueno.