Thursday, December 16, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things......Mom Edition, Volume 1

So now that I have four months under my belt as a mom, I like to think I'm practically an "expert."
And what kind of "expert" would I be if I didn't pass along my fabulous mom tools?
Can you sense the sarcasm?
Either way, I always liked getting "real" mom reviews of things when I was pregnant and thought I'd pass along my faves to you!
Here they are in no particular order.
Oh, and no one is paying me to do this, though I wish they would......these are simply the things that help get me through the day.

Tiny Love Crib mobile....aka "the birds"
 Jamie LOVES his "birds."  He loves to stare at them.  Talk to them.  Laugh at them.
I love his "birds" because it gives me time in the morning to brush my teeth and pee in peace.
Plus it plays Mozart and Bach, so I like to think it's totally making my kid smarter.

We've had this since Jamie was one month old and it still reigns supreme.
The best part is the mirror at the top of the arches.
My narcissistic kid could stare and laugh at himself all night long.

 Now I know what you're thinking.  Isn't this the same thing you threw at the wall?  Why yes, yes it is.  However once my husband made that piano his bitch we got it assembled it quickly became my favorite toy ever.
And after the playmat, I didn't think anything would be as fantastic.
Oh, and Jamie thinks it's the bees knees too....though his little toes don't quite touch the bottom yet and he hasn't figured out that the seat turns, so every so often I move him around so he can play with all the toys, but he's rather partial to the pandas!
Thanks to Baby Einstein I am once again able to cook something besides cereal for dinner.

I know.  I talk about these a lot.
But they're fabulous and deserve all the press they can get.
And much cuter is a cow printed butt than a paper covered one?!
Plus I like to rub it in all the nay sayers faces that told me it would never last.
 Not only am I still using them,
but I've proven their superiority to disposables to even the biggest doubters.
I've even got our daycare on board with them!
I prefer snaps, but have plenty of velcro as well for daddy and daycare.
Our fave brands are BumGenius and Flip but we've also tried and had success with Applecheeks, Happy Heiny's, Blueberry and Monkey Snuggles.

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller
(That's my husbands foot in the corner.  Apparently I was embarrassing him by taking pictures at Target and he refused to be in it, though he shares the love for this stroller)
This thing is the shit.
How any parent survives without one is beyond me.
You haven't truly lived until you've driven the City Mini.
It folds like a dream. 
The car seat adaptor is awesome while he's still in his infant carrier. 
And it corners like it's on rails.
I might love it more than my husband.
Ok, maybe not....but it's pretty close.

We aren't using them quite as much now that the weather is turning colder, but this fall they were a wardrobe staple.  Perfect for those days when you needed just a little something more, plus diaper changes are a breeze when you aren't wrestling with pants.
And who can resist a man in football leggings?
I know I can't.

Wow.  Trying saying that 3 times fast.
Anyhoodles....this is the king of all diaper bags.
Remember my first baby purchase?  The oh so coveted Coach baby bag?
Yeah it doesn't even compare.
When you're juggling a baby in those bulky infant seats and about 8 million other things, having a bag continually falling off your shoulder is about as annoying as it gets.
Throw this thing on your back and your hands are free.
Plus I get more compliments on the fabric and how it's not the most heinous bag ever like so many others.
Function AND style?

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy
So Jamie doesn't actually have eczema but I was looking for a lotion that packed a little more punch for his little chapped cheeks.  I had tried regular baby lotion, adult face moisuruzer, A&D ointment, a baby balm I use on his bottom from time to time.  Nothing worked.  His poor cheeks were constantly red and chapped.  I happened to see this at Target one day and thought, what the heck.  One night was all it took.  ONE and they were as soft as can be.  I've actually started using this stuff on my own rough spots, it's like the wonder cream! 
We've only had this a week and it's already made the list.
That's just how awesome it is.
I was trying to decide how to keep my little man warm now that winter is here.
Apparently the ever popular JJ Cole BundleMe is like the devil and a huge baby death trap, so that was out.
You also aren't supposed to use a bulky coat under the car seat straps...again with the baby death traps.
Blankets are annoying and he just kicks them off.
So WTF are you suppose to do? 
Cause all those judging eyes are on you when you've taken your baby out into the cold.  *gasp*
This was the perfect solution.  It fits right over the top of the infant carrier, zip up the bottom, Velcro the top and voila!  Snug as a bug in a rug!
And according to all the safety death traps here.
Today I had him out in just jeans and a tee-shirt and when I took him out of his car seat he was toasty warm.
Love it.

That concludes this edition of my favorite things.  Stay tuned for future editions as I continue to perfect my role as expert mama.



Ashley said...

I love it when fellow mom's do these lists! Maybe I should do one... Does the lotion make his face break out? I have a 6 month old and his cheeks are so chapped and I haven't tried lotion yet becasue I heard that it makes their skin break out.

SG to SP said...

OMG Baby leggings have to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Love!

Molly said...

The PPB bags are AMAZING! I'm so glad my sisters got me one. They are really sturdy bags and helpful with all the little pockets. Plus, you can wipe them down on the outside! Perfect.

I love, love, love our city mini double. It is SO easy to fold and lightweight to push my two big boys.

Kristen said...

holy crow those leggings are adorable!

Tiffany said...

I have a draft going of my favorite things too! A couple of yours made my list as well. :)

Melissa said...

I love these lists! I bookmarked because I'm going to need it in a few months!

dave and jenn said...

Those are all great suggestions!

I still don't see the piano. :/

Gwen said...

He is so stinking cute!!! I especially love the leg warmers!!! XOXO

Annie said...

LOVE the list!! thanks for sharing hun!! i'm off to add some stuff to my "to register for" list!! :)

d.a.r. said...

Love the leg warmers!!! I will just make you come shopping/registering with me when it's my turn :)

Nikki said...

I need to try that excema cream. Harper's skin is super dry in the winter...just like her dad's.

Jordan said...

Thanks for the scoop on the baby gear.. you know how we love it! Btw- I saw a cloth diaper store over by the Cinzetti's where we ate.. it didn't look open when I drove by, but it was a Sunday, so you should check it out another day!

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