Monday, July 18, 2011

Maybe we're the anti-social ones

Have you seen this commercial?

O.M.G I saw it over the weekend and it cracked me up!
Scary thing is??

It's SOOOO true. 
Our generation is so obsessed with social media, that sometimes we forget to actually be social.  Like in the real world, leave your house, turn off your computer/phone/ipad social.
Between blogging.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Google+ (what is that anyways).  MySpace (I heard Justin Timberlake just bought them out). Texting.  Does anyone have real conversations anymore.  With their actual real friends?  I know I'm guilty of knowing more about what's going with my online "friends" than my actual friends sometimes.  And that's kinda sad.
My husband doesn't get it.  He may be the last 20-something alive who doesn't even have a FB page.
I used to think he was crazy.  Now I'm wondering if he's got the right idea.
Recently I've noticed more bloggers bidding a fond farewell.
One of them being my good (IRL) friend.  And while I'm sad to see her leave the blogosphere, she makes a good point that she doesn't want her child growing up on the internet.
Kinda makes me think.

I'm certainly not going to quit it all cold turkey.  I enjoy it.  It kills time at work.  It's my hobby.  I like to live in ignorant bliss that creepers don't read my lil ole blog or steal pictures of my son.
But it may make me stop living my life on the computer as much and actually start living it in the real world.


Hannah @ The New Black said...

I thought this commercial was funny when I saw it too! I can totally see both sides of the argument. I go through times where I don't use social media as often {like now!} and it's usually because I am too busy with my 'real' life to keep up my cyber one. Sometimes my real one is so bland that I spice it up a little by spending time with my cyber self. Ebbs and flows.

Molly B said...

I know, when I saw this I thought the same true and kind of so sad....there are moments when I think life is passing us too fast- we have to stop and enjoy it without all the other crap....I love your blog so don't stop it, just slow it down- :) Want to see you and Jamie soon

Jillian said...

I was just talking about this the other day:) Hilarious commercial!

Jax said...

So so true. I find that I just don't enjoy being online at home like I used to, so I definitely blog less than a year or so ago. It's hard b/c there are so many ways to stay connected...and it often feels imperative to stay on ALL of them simultaneously. Whcih is virtually impossible and might lead to a breakdown.. haha! Eric is barely on his fbook page. He has one, but I think his wall still has a comment towards the top of it from me in like November of last year.. haha.. I sometimes think he has the right idea. I communicate all day and help manage our social media. So, in "my" time, I'm finding that I just don't want to be as connected. Could be that we're getting older...or that the luster has worn off.. I dunno. *shrugs* I know I'd give up twitter AND facebook before I gave up my blog, though b/c it's "for me" where I feel like facebook and twitter are somewhat hijacked by work some days. (Is it creepy that I've prioritized my social media..haha). :)

the workaholic momma said...

HA! You are so right...I resisted all things social media up until I started blogging a few months ago because I was afraid of where it might lead. Finding a balance I think is SUPER first I felt like I needed to blog everyday and comment on every single post anyone I followed posted but now I do what I want when I want and it seems to keep everything in check...not to mention my hubs totally doesn't get it or appreciate it!!!

SG to SP said...

I still check Facebook daily, it's a great time killer however I don't post a status update very often (my life is boring). As for the blog I try not to post too much personal info i.e. last name, where I live etc. Hopefully there aren't any crazies out there reading it.

Molly said...

For serious. I live behind my computer screen! But you know what helps? Taking a bloggy break! I did that last week and I am refreshed to come back to it. Sometimes you need to get out and about.

I had a water fight outside with my husband and babies. SO FUN! I blog too much. But hey, I love it. It makes me happy. I consider social media my hobby :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

hahahha oh my gosh that is SOOOOO true! Nick has a fb page, but hardly ever goes on. I should try to unplug more often too.

Jordan said...

Matt doesn't have a facebook either, and we were still freshmen in college when it all started... so hubby is not alone! I feel like I've been more unintentionally unplugged.. now if I could stop reading blogs/facebook/etc when I'm not posting.. then I could really have some time back!

Diana said...

I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. :D I absolutely love it!

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