Friday, September 9, 2011

Boob Tube

Day 9: TV Shows

So ready for fall TV to start up again!!  Here's just a few shows that will be in our prime time lineup!

Vampire Diaries
I rebelled against the whole Vamp craze for a loooong time, but the hubs actually turned me on to this one.  Ummm, with two leading men as hot as these guys, how could a girl say no?

Modern Family
LOVE this!  It's one of the few 30min sitcoms we watch these days.  Absolutely hilarious.  And fun side fact, the actor who plays Cameron is from Kansas City!

How I Met Your Mother
I didn't actually start watching this until they started re-runs on TBS.  Now I'm hooked.  I want to move to New York just to be friends with these people.  They are awesome.  What Up!

Say Yes to the Dress
Atlanta.  New York.  Bridesmaids.  Plus Sized.  You name it, I'll watch it.  It's really the only Wedding show left from my own wedding planning days they I still faithfully DVR.  Does anyone else think it's slightly ridiculous when a girl comes in and says her budget is *only* $1500 and they all gasp and wonder if they will EVER find anything that cheap?

Gossip Girl
It's gone downhill since those first few seasons, but I totally have to watch and see who's pregnancy test was in that trash can!  Damn you season finale cliff hangers!

Pan Am
Everyday on my drive to work I see a bulletin board advertising this new show.  I have no idea what it's about, besides the obvious, but I'm totally stoked about it.  I always thought it would be fun to be a flight attendant, plus who doesn't enjoy a good 60s flashback show?
(This isn't the actual billboard I drive by, but ironically the first google image that popped up!)

What's on the ole Boob Tube at your casa?


Kelly said...

I am really excited about Pan Am. I love Mad Men which is another throw back. I have tried to watch Modern Family before and really just couldn't get into it. Same thing with How I Met Your Mother. The Middle is one of my favorite 30 min sitcoms. The little boy in it is adorable.

Sam said...

Gossip Girl all day! I forgot that one on my list. I love the fashion on the show. And I'm totally in love with Chuck Bass. :)

Jordan said...

I'm excited for Pan Am too! Matt and I LOVE Modern Family and watch it and The Middle faithfully! I can't wait till they come back. And I love Say Yes to the Dress too (yes, the budget comments are completely ridiculous!). See you tonight!

Lacey said...

My sister and I were just talking yesterday about how Modern Family is one of those shows that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. From the very first one - I have been hooked. I think it's the funniest show on television - hands down.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I seriously love Modern Family and the Vampire Diaries! I'm so excited for them to come back this fall!

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