Monday, September 12, 2011

A bucket list for the next 365

Day 12: Goals

Just a few of things I'd like to check off my To-Do list in the next year:

  • Spend more time living life unplugged
  • Try new restaurants instead of always going back to the same ones
  • Date night with the hubs once a month
  • Eat less, move more
  • Be better about sending Birthday and Anniversary cards (like old fashioned, snail mail) for my family and friends
  • Thank my husband more and nag a little bit less
  • Get our finances in order and come up with a plan to finish knocking down our debt!
  • Finish unpacking (yes I realize we moved well over a year ago)
  • Decorate the house, hang pictures, maybe even throw some paint up onto those boring brown walls
  • Get back into the habit of trying one new recipe a week
  • Figure out a way to take a vacation this year (hopefully with my bestie and her family)
  • Get a new family picture taken
  • Do something fun this fall as a family!  (I'm thinking pumpkins and hay rides!)
  • Actually read a book for book club
  • Spruce up the yard
  • Buy some fabulous brown riding boots
  • Enjoy everyday because time is flying by!
How about you?  Anything big you want to tackle this year?


Brown Girl said...

That's a great list, I'd like to try more new recipes as well!

Sam said...

Date night with the hubs is a great goal! And I also want to try more new recipes. It just takes a little advance planning. :)

bananas. said...

eat less, move more? but WHY?!?

lol jk.

you should try juicing...i'm addicted.

the workaholic momma said...

I LOVE this!!! I esp. LOVE your idea of sending more cards the old-fashioned way...I love getting things in the mail and really need to be better about sending to friends and family as well!!!

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend:)

Katie said...

Love your list!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Great list. I definitely need to get better about paying off debt!

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Great goals hun!!! I'm hoping to do a lot of these too!! I'm so excited for Fall and pumpkins and hayrides. Our boys are going to be so much fun!!