Thursday, September 15, 2011

You asked, I answered. {vlog}

A few weeks ago I did an "ask me anything" of sorts.
Well somewhere in the mix of life and the blog challenge I up and forgot about it!
I thought I'd mix it up and answer them vlog style, enjoy!
Fair warning, about half way through there was a glitch in the upload and it starts to look like a an old Chinese film where my lips don't match what I'm saying.  I tried to fix it, but couldn't figure it out.  Stupid technology.

Happy Thursday Friends!


KLaw said...

I love vlogs! Good idea to do with with readers questions!

Molly said...

Ha, loved the first question, and where you keep stretching the years between your kids. It's unfortunate that you follow KSU, j/k ;) Loved the vlog!

I'm Jess said...

I love your vlogs! I hate when people think their kids aren't having sex and your like oh yeah... you're right your 18 year old daughter with DD's is totally a virgin! LOL! I shouldn't say that... Bahahaha!

Jax said...

Love this! Vloggers unite today! ha! :) I love it "After three, I'm shutting the factory down." haha.. Hilarious! I dont understand how anyone has more than 3 kids with the cost of daycare, etc, these days! SERIOUSLY. My girl friend was telling me about hers and I went "HOLY CRAP that's how much I pay in student loans from law school PLUS some. WHAT THE?" You're adorable and I liked your earrings. Just saying. :)