Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's OK....

This week has flown by!  And holy crap it's December!
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Its OK

....To be totally bummed when your favorite bloggers don't post everyday even though your own blogging regularity isn't exactly stellar.
....That by Monday everyone in our house was ready to get back to work and "school."  I didn't get to see it, but apparently as soon as Jamie saw his daycare friend Mallory he gave her a big hug.  My son.  What a flirt!
....That this week our dinners have consisted of leftovers, frozen pizza and hotdogs.
....That the inside of our house it completely Christmafied, but I still have 2 {molding} pumpkins on the porch
....To be a little miffed it was just assumed I wanted to participate in my works Secret Santa.  I don't mean to be a scrooge, but the hubs and I don't even exchange gifts in an effort to minimize the holiday spending....why would I want to spend $20 on a co-worker I've never even met.
....That 90% of the time Jamie still eats with his hands.  We're working on the whole silverware thing, but honestly as long as he's eating those green beans, I don't really give a crap how they get into his mouth.
....That I spent a good portion of the morning scouting out people to join in my children's book exchange.  Sometimes the thought of 36 FREE books takes precidence over silly work stuff.
....That I still haven't bought a single Christmas gift.  In fact, my side of the family hasn't even drawn names yet.  So even if I wanted to start shopping, I wouldn't know who to by for.
....That I never win at Words with Friends.  In fact I usually get my ass beat, but I still love to play.  I kinda hate when people resign just because they're going to lose.  It's a game people.  Who cares.
....That while playing said game I tried three times to spell "laser" L-A-Z-E-R and was getting pissed when it kept telling me it wasn't a word.  Guess it's no real surprise why I lose so bad.
....That we have no real plans to go all out on gifts for Jamie this year.  He still doesn't know the difference and I'm sure the Grandparents will buy MORE than enough.
....That it's December 1 and my blog still thinks it's summer.  One of these days I will get around to changing up my look!

Happy {almost} Friday Friends!


Molly said...

We are not going all out on xmas gifts this year either. It's such a waste! The boys play with toilet paper rolls more than some of their own toys! They will have a few presents to open and that will be fine!

Katie said...

Your molding porch pumpkins can be friends with my dried up brown mum on the porch. For some reason I never think about the front porch. Oh yeah, because of the rest of my life, you know, happening. Oh well! Maybe I will get around to it by spring!

KLaw said...

i havent' started the xmas decorating yet either. ah. i have os much shit to do.

Gina said...

Gray insisted on feeding himself his applesauce for breakfast this morning with a spoon. Needless to say, he and I were both covered in applesauce on our way to our respective schools since we didn't have time to change. So I'm all about the eating with fingers.

SG to SP said...

Yep I still haven't bought a single gift yet nor do I know what I'm going to buy. I'm trying to use the whole "your new grandson/nephew/cousin/whatever is your xmas present" Not sure that will fly. HA!

Carly Ann said...

Isn't that what grandparents are for? Spending all the money so you don't have to? :)

Stephanie said...

I can't believe your work assumed you'd participate - rude for you and others. We have sign up for it and apparently everyone signed up, but NOW someone is complaining about cost and we've been receiving emails about not over doing it. Which sucks for those who went into knowing some bucks would be spent.

FYI: be glad you aren't here, although we would've asked you first ;) We do 4 gifts...a gift per week (around $10) for 3 weeks and then a bigger gift at our staff lunch where we reveal ourselves. Overall, I'll spend at least $50 on Secret Santa.

Jax said...

I'm with you about saving money. We're having a secret santa thing that is just an automatic thing and it's kinda silly. I mean.. it's fine b/c it's a dirty santa thing, but still. I'm all about saving money

sarah said...

im all about the secret santa idea. we're having extra people over this year for christmas and i'm trying to save money to move's pure craziness!

and 36 free books? i'd be in heaven

bananas. said...

i haven't bought a single christmas gift either...and my family doesn't draw names. so what's my excuse?

Lacey said...

I was just thinking the other day that I have got to be the worlds worst WWF player ever. Just when I think there is a chance I'll win, someone lays down a 90+ point word and I'm screwed. I'm like you though - keep playing...and trying to make nonwords or misspelled words work! :)

dave and jenn said...

I still have pumpkins on our porch too. No idea if they are moldy or not because I'm too lazy to look. :)

Jules said...

At least you're all decorated for Christmas. We don't even have our tree yet. Work is winning over the personal department this month and it's driving me crazy!

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