Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My little Picasso

Ever since Jamie graduated to the Toddler room every week or so he comes home with an art project.
We proudly display each one on our fridge and admire our sons vast artistic abilities.
Until now.
Because this is what came home yesterday.

Let the guessing games begin.
Thankfully he's not old enough to know any better, because neither my husband nor I are entirely sure what exactly this is.
We see his foot prints.  We got that part.  But past that we got nothing.
A tree?
Some mistletoe?  Get it...mistle-"toes"?
I know, it's a stretch. 
Sorry kid, but it looks like you inherited your art skills from your mama.


Gwen said...

Oh my goodness!!! Too funny! You'll cherish this in a few years. I still hang up Ellie's hand print angel from many years ago. :)

Katie said...

Its supposed to be bells...but the teacher messed them up by putting the red at the bottom, lol. I saw it done 'correctly' at my son's school. The little footprints are still precious though. :)

Allie said...

Okay that is adorable!!! I love it!!! Its so funny and cute!

Jules said...

Now that Katie said it, Christmas bells make sense. My art skills were seriously (and still are lacking). I feel bad my mom even had to display anything I brought home from

ALin said...

Im telling you, we need to have a blog with funny children's art - we'd be millionaires!

dave and jenn said...

LOL - that's hilarious! Mistletoe would be my guess, but you're right - I really have no clue. :)