Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's OK

 Its Ok Thursdays

 It's OK...
...To be kind of nervous pretty much every single week on "weigh in" day, even though you've done great and really have no reason to worry.
...To ask for a Garden Flag for your birthday even though you realize how old that makes you sound.
...To bring your child into your bed every morning when he wakes up at 6.  Sure it's a little crowded and you may or may not get punch and/or kicked in the face a few dozen times, but it beats actually having to wake up.  Sleep is precious.  Even just 15 extra minutes.
...To swoon over the 1 week old baby you saw at an engagement party last week and then proceed to tell your husband that you want one.
...To tell your husband after watching that show "7 Days of Sex" that you are totally up for that challenge....and then to fail after day 1.  Seven days of sex is a lot of sex people.  This mama is too tired for that shit.
...To find out your 16 year old cousin reads your blog everyday and wonder if you should still talk about sex and say shit.  {Hi Mikki!}
...To be naive enough to think a 16 year old doesn't already know all about sex.  And probably says shit as much as you do.  {Sorry Julie!}
...To say shit three four times in one blog post
...To melt into a puddle of mama mush every time Jamie comes over and says "Hug mama."
...To wish grown-ups got summer vacations too.  I could really use 3 months off right now!
...That the only reason you did your hair and wore makeup one day last week is because you were getting a new drivers license.
...To wake up every morning and immediately check your phone and catch up on all your many forms of social media.  I like to think of it as my morning cup of coffee.  My husband likes to think of it as iPhone OCD.
...That 3 years later you're still bummed you don't get Friday's off anymore.  Or free trips to Hawaii.
 Happy {almost} Friday friends!


Shannon said...

It's always this time of year I wish I were a teacher to get the 3 months off. Too bad I don't like kids that much (other than my own of course).

Melissa said...

When I nurse L (however many times that happens at night/morning) I'm always on FB and Twitter lol.

7 days in a row of sex? I don't think we even did that on our honeymoon! No way in hell is that happening now hahaha

Having 10 weeks off for the summer was one of the awesome things about being a teacher. Now I get no vacation at all, but I'm also just in charge of taking care of my son and the house. No outside job.

Lindsey said...

I am a grown up and I get 3 months off! Salary sucks though.

Alyssa said...

I always get nervous on weigh in days! It's almost like I'm scared to see that I've gained or stayed the same.

Ashley said...

I laughed at your cussing! I think its safe to say that she prob knows more than you about sex and cussing! Sad, but true in todays world, but nonetheless I bet she still enjoys reading your blog!!

I would def ask for a garden flag for my bday too!! WE can sound old together!

Holly said...

LOL! Too funny about your teenage cousin reading your blog! :P

Jeremy, Censie and Jude said...

You make me laugh! Thank you. And Congratulations on your weight loss. You look great! Keep it up lady!