Friday, June 1, 2012

Weird Science

Last month during our trip to Columbus {Hometown}, OH we decided to take Jamie to the science museum -- Cosi.  To say we had fun would be a huge understatement.  Boy had a blast!  We all did!  I hadn't been in years and never with a kid.  It's so amazing to see things you've seen before, but through the eyes of your child.  Totally awesome.  I also had the chance to play around with my father in laws fancy schmancy DSLR camera and got some pretty good  decent pictures for a total novice.  Though it didn't help my camera fever at all!  So pardon the photo dump that's about to occur.
So there you have it.  An almost flashback Friday of sorts.  Feels like forever since we were there!
And Yep.  I was totally {that} mom.  The one with the giant camera attached to her face the whole time!
I loved every minute of it!
Happy Friday Friends!