Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I haven't formally talked about my ultimate goal here on the ole blog.
Mainly because I like to take my weight loss a "decade" at a time instead of focusing on the BIG picture.
That's too overwhelming.
I do have a end point in mind though and lately it's been coming up more and more.
Pretty much everyday while I'm eating my "crazy" lunch of a salad, Lean Cuisine and fruit I have someone say "Wow, still doing weight watchers??"  or "How much longer are going to stay on your diet??"
And everyday it bugs the crap out of me.
First of all.  I don't think of it as a diet.  As cheesy as it may sound, it really is a lifestyle change.
I'm not doing some crazy fad where I drink shakes.  Or only eat grapefruit.  Or cut out entire food groups.
I'm eating normal food.  All of it.  Just in moderation.
So how long am I going to continue to eat healthy??
Ummm.  Hopefully forever.
That's the point.
I've also been getting a lot of "Oh my gosh you're going to melt away" or  "Wow.  That sounds kind of extreme" comments when I tell people I'm only about half way to my goal and still have 50ish pounds to lose.
I'm not going to melt away.
And No.
It's really not that extreme.
My goal puts me right in the middle of the healthy weight range for my height and if I had to guess about a size 12.
Sounds pretty average to me.
I get that when someone says they want to lose 100 pounds it does sound like a lot.
I get that I'm tall and can carry a lot of weight, so people are often deceived at how much I actually weigh.
And don't get me wrong, I appreciate that so many people think I look great and don't need to lose anymore.
I mean, I have lost over 50 pounds, so I do look a lot better than I did.
I do look pretty great.
But currently?  According to the BMI scales, I'm still considered obese.
I'm just now a size 16.
I know there's nothing wrong with that. 
It's all just numbers.  But I still don't feel comfortable in my own skin. 
I still want to reach a healthier place.
Will I adjust my goal as I get closer?
Only time will tell.
But for now I'm going to keep plugging along, 10 pounds at a time.


Debbie said...

Great post....

Allie said...

Great post mama and high five for losing 50lbs! That is amazing! Do not listen to the BMI scales momma! Those are just numbers!:) Great work mama!! xoxox

Jess said...

Good for you! Only you know what is best for you! Not only can weight "weigh you down" physically but also emotionally! I am glad to see you getting closer to your goal and becoming healthier every day! You are an inspiration!

Jess said...
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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Girrrlllll I SO GET THIS. I think my sister can relate, too. It's like, as soon as you start looking normal'ish people tell you STOP! YOU WILL MELT! but the truth is, no, you (and I) won't. Or will not. Or did not. You know where your body is ultimately meant to end up, or at least you wanna try. And it's not a bad thing, it's a health thing! I don't know if you found this or not--but I often thought overweight people actually said that more than healthy people. As if they don't WANT you to get any smaller because they aren't. I don't know. It makes you wonder. For me, the high end of the BMI chart was where I was good. Maybe middle-high. I felt so so good. You will KNOW when you feel "done" and even THEN it will be a lifestyle change. And I always thought lifestyle change was corny, fake-lingo--until I did weight watchers ;) So i agree!

Caroline @healthyroad said...

You are looking great and your son will have a great role model for his own life if you can keep up with your healthy habits. Great job and great post!

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

Get it girl!!!!!

You know what's best! Keep it up!

Melissa said...

Your lunch sounds pretty normal to me!

I'm a size 10-12 and weigh 160ish lbs. I'm 5'9" and people don't believe I weigh that much, so I understand the whole being tall and able to carry more weight thing. I think your goal is totally realistic and it's awesome that you're getting healthy! :)

Emily said...

You are doing amazing! People are only negative because they are jealous that you have been doing so good. At least that's what i've noticed in the past with others.
I know it's so much easy said then done, but try to ignore those people. You are a total rockstar ;]

Shannon said...

Good for you for doing a lifestyle change rather than a diet since most people gain back the weight after the diet ends. So long as you feel good and are healthy that's all that matters.

Shanny said...

Really great post. I absolutely agree that it IS a lifestyle and NOT a diet... a diet will end and then what happens? I think your commitment is a healthy one and very realistic, thanks for the inspiration =)

dave and jenn said...

People are so opinionated about eating habits! I get comments all the time about being vegetarian too... so annoying!

the workaholic momma said...

keep it up girl:) It totally sounds like you are doing it the RIGHT way...making lifestyle changes and taking it day by day!! There is nothing easy about losing weight but your goal sounds totally reasonable to me!!

Jeremy, Censie and Jude said...

I love this post! And I want you to know that you are my inspiration post baby - I will be running to WW as soon as I get the ok and get back to it!! I too should loose 100 pounds! I think we both can do it!

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