Monday, September 29, 2014

Bump Day ~ 30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks, baby is the size of a cucumber.

Weight gain/loss: Not much new to report here.  My weekly update informed me that from now until delivery I can expect to gain 1 pound per week, I'd be ok not packing on 10 more pounds.

Maternity Clothes? Several people kept suggesting leggings to get through the home stretch, so I ordered a pair.  It's been too hot to wear them, but after trying them on I can definitely see the appeal.  I think I may finally be inducted into the "legging as pants" club as soon as this fall heat wave moves on out. 

Sleep: I took a nap for this first time in forever the other day.  It was awesome.

Stretch marks: Still just itchy.

Best moment this week: Finding a daycare that I both love and isn't going to cost an arm and a leg!  Biggest downer?  No openings until March/April.  Two months AFTER I plan on returning to work.  Womp. Womp. So now the search continues for some temporary care until they have a spot.

Movement: All the time!  Probably the part I'll miss most once she's on the outside.

Food cravings: Fruity pebbles cereal.  If I could stop cooking and just eat that for dinner every night, I would.

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs: No.  I do notice more cramps if I haven't had enough water for the day, but other wise it's smooth sailing in there.

What I Miss: Not having to mentally prepare myself to pick something up off the floor if I've dropped it.

What I'm looking forward to:  Enjoying these last 10 weeks, I have a feeling they may fly by!

Weekly Wisdom: If you're going to sit outside at night, wear bug spray or you will be covered in bug bites from head to toe.

Milestones: Filling out my pre-registration packet for the hospital.  Shit just got real.

Big Brother:  Jamie came up and sat in my lap the other night saying he wanted to feel his baby sister move.  I still don't think he actually feels anything because patience isn't exactly his strong suit, but it was still the sweetest thing ever.