Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh how I love thee....

let me count the ways.....

You bring me roses.....even if they are from your boss in honor of Administrative Assistant's Day

When I tell you I can't cook dinner because the chicken went "funny", code for "it's hotter than fukc in here and I'm not cooking" pick up dinner AND get the delicious steamed dumplings I love

You rub my feet....even though I have to beg and wave them in your face first claiming I "could" be carrying your future child

You rub my feet while watching Gossip Girl....secretly enjoying every minute of it and totally agreeing with me that Blair and Nate are boring and Chuck rules

You are obsessed with America's Funniest Home Videos and laugh excessively every time you watch it....even though none of the videos are funny

You snuggle with me even though you hate it....mainly because I've allowed you set the A/C to "artic" and no one wants to risk waking Moose to get the blanket back

When I said, "Let's get a VW Routan" You said "Ok".......when I said, "We have to abide by Brooke Shields rules though and have a baby first" and you said, "Ok, how's tomorrow work for you"

Thanks hun! I love you too!

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