Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They're baaaaack!

So the only person who probably understands my excitement over this is my friend Adam Clements. And the chance that he even remembers this is pretty slim. When he and Bob were roommates they had these fantasticaly cool fish glasses....way too cool for two college guys to have bought. Well it turns out Adam's older sister who worked at Crate&Barrel in NYC at the time had given them to him as a housewarming gift. I pined over them for years, threatening many a time to steal them in my purse at one of their infamous girly drink parties. I tried endlessly to find them, but came up empty handed every time. When Cbus finally got a C&B I again sought out to find them. Nothing. Well! A mere 5 years later, what do I find in my mail box today? A C&B catalog....with fish glasses on the cover! EEK! Now mind you, I need more glassware like I need holes in my head, but you bet your ass these glasses will be mine! Oh yes, they will be mine!

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