Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sell baby sell!

So we bit the bullet. After talking Lowe's down an astonishing $1,ooo on the new floors, we went for it. We are now soon to be proud owners of Brazillian Cherry engineered wood floors. What are "engineered" wood floors you may ask? Well I'm not entirely sure myself, but here's what I've gathered from the many explanations I've got. The core of the flooring is similar to that of laminate, but then a thin layer of actual wood is veneered to the top. The best part is, the price is closer to that of laminate, but the look is more like wood. Since we can't have actual wood on our crappy concrete's the next best thing. It doesn't make it any easier to stomach that much money when you're basically spending it on someone else. If however, it helps sells this place, than I'm game. The way I look at it, we aren't going to sell at our current asking price without all the upgrades people want. If spending a little jackasauraus means we sell at or near 189,900 then I'm game. If it doesn't sell, then I guess we have some really sweet ass floors to enjoy. Fingers and toes crossed people. We need a house!!!