Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home sweet home??

Ugh. It's cold here. And it was rainy/sleety. What a shaft. I'm high tailin' back to the boat!!

Our last morning on the ship was bittersweet. I litterally almost cried as we debarked......goodbye paradise!

It was an hour ride to Miami International where we proceeded to set up camp for the Cause why would they have more than one flight to Cbus a day. It's such a great place, I'm sure TONS of Miamians flock there in the early spring. Yeah. Right. So we arrived at MIA around, oh 10:30. We stand in not one, not two, but three lines because the airport is so craptastically marked before discovering we can't even check in until 12:20....5 hours before our departure. And of course thanks to TSA and 9/11 there is no longer any seating or food on the other side of security. We were lucky we had a bathroom and not a port a john. We found a comfy piece of carpet, parked our bags and our butts, and chilled for the next 2 hours.

By the time 12:20 rolled around we were pumped to ditch the baggage. We stand in some more lines, the right one finally, and cheer, actually high five and woo hoo as our last bag weighs in at 49 pounds!! The lady behind the counter just laughed. Glad we could provide some entertainment. After dropping of the junk, we move to yet another line to be checked, rechecked, ID'd, frisked, asked for blood and urine.....J/K ......and the finally make it to the holy grail. The elusive "other" side we'd only heard about. What a let down. There was a Mojito stand, a Starbucks, and one lousy restaurant. We parked for lunch, which they had the nerve to ask us to pay for...what? No more free food??? Do you accept Sail and Sign??? Where's my potato salad????? Back to shore reality.

Fast forward 5 hours. One book. A latte. And alot of clock watching....we finally board the bus, that takes us to our plane. As we land in Columbus, we're greeted by a sudden chill. I can feel my tan fading already. Maria met us at the airport and we drove home. Thanks best friend for car sitting all week!!! The boys were more than happy to see us. Even Moose howled and cried. We bathed them. Ate some dinner, again, they made us pay, lubbers.....and now we're crawling into our very own bed before that wretched alarm wakes us up.

On a happy note, Adam informs me, after weighing himself, that we'll be saving money. How you may ask? He's praying his clothes fit tomorrow and says we're adopting the starvation diet pronto. Gee. So good to be home.

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