Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thin Mints and Tagalongs and Samoas OH MY!

So waaaaaay back in January I was duped by not one, not two, but three girl scouts to buy those devilish little cookies they sell. Well here it is now March and all 9, yes 9, boxes have been delivered. I guess I went a tad bit overboard, but I can't deny those delicious little morsels. The problem is, in January I had thrown all caution to the wind diet wise. The wedding and wedding dress were behind me and the cruise was far off, so what the heck, I deserved a week or two off. Well one week turned into months and by the end of February it wasn't pretty. Who knew it was possible to gain weight at such a rapid rate when mass eating everything in site, haha. Damn the man who put easter candy out so soon. Don't they know I can't resist those little cadbury eggs and marshmallow bunnies?!?

So now as my brand new cute little bikini sits in a drawer, I've put myself back on Slim Fast bootcamp. I'm nearing the end of week 2 and have 2 weeks to go before the cruise at which point I should have hopefully shed my new found pounds. What bad timing for girl scout cookies. I pray I find the strength deep down to not eat any as my husband downs an entire row of thin mints in one sitting.....bastard. I'll just sit here and finish my oh so unsatisfying Kroger Milk Choc Slim Rite instead.

Moral of this story. Girl scouts are evil.

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