Saturday, March 28, 2009

Almost ashore.....

Last night on the boat. Boo. We had another WINDY day, similar to the first day at sea....must be those damn Cuban waters! Spent most of the day on the deck, even got Adam to join me. We got more windburned than sunburned. When we got back to the cabin, I had to pack everything up and get our bags outside already. Makes the end seem so real.

I picked up my gold by the inch, wouldn't be a cruise without it! The funny thing is the stuff hasn't changed! They had pretty much the same choices they did 10 years ago, pretty soon I'll have a complete collection!

One last dinner with Anas, our head waiter tonight. Which means one last night of gluttony before it's back to Slim Fast hell. Haha. Tonight is the big Ledgends show where the guests are the performers, should be interesting.

We get into to Ft Lauderdale before we even wake up, something like 5am. So that's it. One last night to whoop it up before it's back to life, back to reality! See ya all back in the US!


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