Saturday, March 21, 2009

Greetings from Miami!

Well the honeymoon is off to a splendid start. We arrived into Miami yesterday early....treked through the airport, oh a good 5 miles to baggage claim. Their airport is slightly superior to CMH with its 3 lame terminals. I managed to spot our ginourmous suitcases which surprisingly, and going totally against Murphy's law, showed up all in a row....pretty near the start. WOO HOO! Then it was a quick shuttle over to get our sweet Saturn Vue from Budget, sorry hun, that red Corevette Convertible in the lobby was in fact NOT our car and I didn't think the woman behind the counter was going to upgrade us if I flashed her my boobs. Maybe next time.

We spent the rest of the day driving down the beautiful Florida Coast to the Keys. Stopped for lunch in Islamorada and ate literally on the beach....chairs in the sand, with the clear blue green water almost at our feet. I could feel my blood pressure plummet as I relaxed in the sun, enjoying my local Key West brew and key lime pie. A little slice of heaven. We stopped at a few shops before heading back up to South Beach for the night. Walked along Ocean Drive and ate at a great steak place with a waiter from mom is right, they ARE everywhere. After stuffing ourselves to the gills we turned in for the night. No hip South Beach clubs for this old tired married couple!

Adam is currently wallowing in March Maddness sorrow as he watches his bracket fall apart. Poor OSU lost in the first round. Oh well. We are going to walk around a bit, check out the ocean and then off to Ft Lauderdale to get on the ship!!! Peace out!

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