Sunday, March 8, 2009

Toliet seat up....again

So the condo has been on the market for 7 months and counting. I curse all those people, including myself, who thought it would sell quickly. At what point did all these snotty first time 20 something homebuyers think they can live in the Short North, on Goodale Park for 150K. Sorry, not gonna happen. I also want to know when granite and S/S appliances became the end all be all of real estate. Thanks alot HGTV for mis-educating Americans to believe everything else is subpar. We've already dropped the price 10k, but I've now discovered we're still the highest price 1BR condo in the complex. *sigh* I don't really want to lower the price again cause I'm just watching the down payment on our house dwindle away. We had 3 showings last week and were ecstatic, especially considering that pretty much doubled our total showings. Well the first girl had it in her top 2 but she had just started The second girl had us in her top 4 but went with something The third showing never actually Gotta love when you frantically clean and straighten and take the dogs out for a few hours only to have a no show. Today we had an open house that according to the neighbors was very well attended. Haven't heard any feedback yet, but hopefully it wasn't a bunch of meathead, steroid pumped Arnold Classic looky-loo's.

In this whole house selling experience, here's what gets me. The last two times we've had either a showing or an open house, we've come home to find the toliet seat up. Do people really use the bathroom or are they just lifting the seat to make sure it's clean in there? I mean really. I couldn't go into someone's house and take a potty break...expecially during an open house. Who know's how many people are coming through. Oh, that's the bathroom, but someone's in there dropping the kids off at the pool so you'll have to wait to see it. Gross. And if you are going to grace my throne, at least have the decency to put the seat down. What were you, raised in a barn??


Anonymous said...

No kidding! That is just disgusting to use someones toilet at an open house. But...... I have a slight phobia about bathrooms haha

The New Mrs said...

Great blog! And I agree... I don't think I could EVER go to an open house and actually USE the bathroom. Weird!

Maria said...

wow. that's gross!! WHO does that?! you should put a sign up next time...on the other side of the lid. not sure what it would say...perhaps..."please keep the lid down" or "why are you looking in here" or "are you really going to go potty during an open house?!"