Thursday, March 19, 2009

And we're off!!!

We are finally leaving tomorrow on our looong awaited honeymoon. After planning for over a year, stalking cruise websites and messages boards, booking flights, hotels, rental cars, shore excurions and of course stuffing enough clothes to fit a small country into 2 suitcases....... I am so ready. Ready for sleeping in, staying up late, lounging by the pool, watching the sunset from our balcony, fabulous dinners, ziplining thru the jungles of Costa Rica, cave tubing through Belize, witnessing the wonder of the Panama Canal with my very own eyes, enjoying girly drinks with little umbrellas and spending some serious QT with my hubby. Whew! That was one long run on sentence! When I left work today, knowing I wouldn't be back for 10 glorious days, I almost cried. I shit you not....tears almost fell. Peace out everyone! See ya on the flip side. Tanner. Rested. And more in love....if that's even possible.

Where we're headed:

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